Meditations and Molotovs – 04.03.17

On today’s program, Vince revisits a theme he’s written and talked about for many years: blowback, or, the unintended yet predictable consequences of militarism and empire. Russia, as a result of their military actions in the Middle East and beyond, experienced another form of blowback today, as nine people were murdered when someone (or a group of people) detonated an explosive device in a crowded metro station in St. Petersburg.


Melissa Breyer – Animals are smarter than most people think

Dutch primatologist Frans de Waal is one of many scientists rethinking the way we think about animals thinking. Gus Lubin at Business Insider asks what’s the smartest species in the world? “You might think it’s humans by a long shot,” he continues, “but the reality is a lot more complicated.” I’m guessing that a lot of you reading this wouldn’t …


Vandana Shiva – Biodiversity, GMOs, Gene Drives and the Militarized Mind

A recent report from the National Academy of Science of The United States, titled “Gene Drives on the Horizon: Advancing Science, Navigating Uncertainty, and Aligning Research with Public Values,” warns: “One possible goal of release of a gene-drive modified organism is to cause the extinction of the target species or a drastic reduction in its abundance.” Gene Drives have been called …


Helen Caldicott – The Medical Implications of the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

The following text by renowned scientist and physician Dr. Helen Caldicott on the impacts of the 1986 Chernobyl will be followed in a subsequent article by an analysis of the medical implications of the Fukushima disaster The only on-site medical and epidemiological data gathered after Chernobyl was released in a report published by the New York Academy of Medicine in 2009 titled …


Jonathan Marshall – Deadly Blowback from Neo-Imperial Wars

In what may be the most dramatic blowback yet from Western military intervention in the Middle East, terrorism and the mass influx of foreign migrants are now putting the very existence of the European Union at risk. Foreign wars fanned by European and American interventionists in the name of democracy and humanitarianism now threaten those same values in Europe as never before …


Rebecca Kheel – Obama hears calls to break treaty and place US troops in Eastern Europe

The Obama administration is hearing growing calls to permanently station a substantial number of troops in Eastern Europe as a deterrent to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putting a large number of U.S. or NATO troops in Eastern Europe would violate a 1997 treaty with Russia, but those arguing for the placement say Putin already broke that treaty by backing the …


PEPE ESCOBAR – War and Peace — revisited: Escobar

And of course he quoted Tolstoy. Russian President Vladimir Putin once again had to pull all stops at the International Valdai Discussion Club’s 12th annual meeting in Sochi to highlight the tremendous seriousness of the current geopolitical juncture. As a compact Greatest Hits on comparative foreign policy and military strategy, this already qualifies as required reading in political science courses …


What’s Really Going on at Fukushima? by ROBERT HUNZIKER

Fukushima’s still radiating, self-perpetuating, immeasurable, and limitless, like a horrible incorrigible Doctor Who monster encounter in deep space. Fukushima will likely go down in history as the biggest cover-up of the 21st Century. Governments and corporations are not leveling with citizens about the risks and dangers; similarly, truth itself,as an ethical standard, is at risk of going to shambles as the glue that holds …