This Can’t Be Happening – 04.27.16

The guest today is Alfredo Lopez on the Bernie Sanders campaign.

We’re talking about Sanders in the wake of the Tuesday primaries in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island, about why Sanders has been unable to win the black vote anywhere and about where his campaign goes from here.


Alfredo Lopez – The Senate Wants to Make Internet Providers Spies

How much noise does the other shoe make when it drops? If the shoe is a law that would complete the development of a police surveillance state in the United States, it’s almost silent. Last week, the Senate Intelligence Committee quietly sent a bill to the Senate that would require on-line Internet content and service providers to literally become part …


This Can’t Be Happening – 03.11.15

‘This Can’t Be Happening’ host Dave Lindorff discusses the recent coup plan disrupted by police in Venezuela with veteran journalist Alfredo Lopez — a story largely blacked out or mocked as bogus by the US corporate media despite solid evidence of a plot, and of US involvement in that plot. Lindorff and Lopez, who are colleagues on the news site …