Ask The Blood Detective – Emotional contagion is a term coin – 12.23.17

Emotional contagion is a term coin by Dr. Michael Wald – the blood detective and host of ask the blood detective. During this exciting and unique conversation, Dr. WALD distinguishes how emotions can give us disease and how they can cure us. The use of dietary factors, nutritional supplements and coping mechanisms are discussed in practical detail. Dr. Wald is …


Ask The Blood Detective – Ph Lies – 09.24.16

Think you know the importance of body pH (acid base) and how to eat for health? Think again! “I almost never hear or read anything accurate about body pH and how to change it. Lies like: ‘eat alkaline and you become alkaline’ and ‘an acid pH is bad and alkaline is good – ALL LIES'”! Urine and saliva pH are NOT accurate reflections of blood pH”, according to Dr. Michael Wald, The Blood Detective. Join Dr. Wald, The host of, Ask The Blood Detective, and learn the truth pH. How to find out the cause of abnormal pH and most importantly, how to fix it.