What Women Must Know – The Science Is In…WIFI Technology Causes Major Harm with Dr. George Carlo – 02.08.18

Dr. George L. Carlo is a world recognized medical scientist, best-selling author and attorney. His career spans thirty-five years and more than 250 medical, scientific and public policy publications in the areas of human performance, public safety, health care, consumer protection and metabolic mechanisms. He has advanced degrees in medical sciences, neurophysiology, natural sciences and biology. He has written three …


ERIC ZUESSE – Hillary’s Secret Speeches to Corporate Lobbyists & CEOs

Wikileaks has recently released what the press refers to as Hillary Clinton’s paid secret speeches to corporations, but that’s a gross mischaracterization of the Wikileaks data-dump, because not a single one of her at least 91 paid secret speeches has been released anywhere. Only excerpts, brief quotations from them, have been released.


Michael Payne – An American Society Plagued By Deepening Divisions, Irreconcilable Differences, Ongoing Violence

The American society is becoming more and more divided because of the various elements and factions within it that no longer will accept or tolerate the views and beliefs of their fellow Americans; views that are not consistent with their own. At times it seems that the opposing sides of some key issue are engaged in a war; in fact …

Ben Carson Set To Join Pastor Who Wants Gays Put To Death At Iowa Conference – Brian Tashman

Later this year, far-right Colorado radio host and homeschooling activist Kevin Swanson will be attempting to expand his national profile by organizing a “National Religious Liberties Conference” in Des Moines, Iowa. Since Swanson believes that homosexuality should be punished by death and frequently claims that liberals are using things like the movie Frozen and Girl Scout cookies to make children gay, we hoped that even this year’s field of Republican …


Why Are American Doctors Killing Themselves In Record Numbers?

Recent reports have indicated that doctors in America are killing themselves in record numbers, and also suffer from drug and alcohol abuse at a rate significantly higher than your average person. Many people will write this off as a result of long hours or the stress of the job, but it is also possible that many of these doctors are …