Fearless Parent Radio – On Yogi Parenting – 10.28.15

Wouldn’t life be easier if you just knew how to raise your kids? No endless hours on the internet, frantic calls to friends and family, expensive and tedious appointments with doctors and experts, stacks of books to collect?

There certainly aren’t many parents who can claim to navigate the challenges of family life and child rearing with the trifecta of wisdom, grace, and evidence-based research, but Sarah Kamrath is one of them.

Tune in to hear about her path to parenting from a space of inner knowledge, informed by her experience as a parent, researcher, writer, filmmaker, doula, and yogi:

What is a parent’s most important parenting tool?
What are top priorities for a healthy pregnancy and birth?
What information is needed to avoid unnecessary interventions?
Why kundalini yoga, what is it, and how did it change your marriage and parenting?
How is your parenting different from what you read and see in the mainstream?
Tell us about your goals and approaches for educating your children? How do they like it and how does it impact their social lives?
What hopes do you have for humanity when it comes to parenting and family life?

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