Robert Parry – The Danger of Excessive Trump Bashing

The widespread disdain for Donald Trump and the fear of what his presidency might mean have led to an abandonment of any sense of objectivity by many Trump opponents and, most notably, the mainstream U.S. news media. If Trump is for something, it must be bad and must be transformed into one more club to use for hobbling his candidacy. …


Infectious Myth – End of Year Thoughts – 12.29.15

In Episode 83 David closes out 2015 on a positive note, talking about heroism and kindness, continuing on the subjects of vaccination, medical corruption, and the environment, and ending with discussions of terrorism, eavesdropping and justice (or injustice).

Links to articles used in this episode can be found at: http://theinfectiousmyth.com/PRN-TIM/83.php

Study shows vaccines harm underweight newborns; researchers conclusively deny their own science by Ethan A. Huff

A recent study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics found that extremely low-birth-weight infants (ELBW) — that is, babies who are born with a birth weight of less than two pounds, three ounces — have a significantly higher risk of suffering severe adverse events or dying after being vaccinated. But curiously, the same paper that admits this also claims that it doesn’t admit this, …

autistic child with pet

The Beneficial Effects Of Animals On Children With Autism – Hal Herzog

A couple of years ago I asked Temple Grandin if people with autism have a special ability to relate to animals. She is, of course, widely known for both her research on farm animal behavior and welfare and for her books on autism. She believes her autism gives her an unusual ability to think like, for example, a cow being herded down a chute …