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The Gary Null Show – 07.14.16

On “The Gary Null Show” today, Gary discusses health and healing as well as reading letters from a few listeners. Gary plays 4 great videos and scares a lot of people with how dumb the next generation might be, even if these videos were spoofs. Listen and learn and enjoy.

Gut bacteria imbalance increases diabetes risk

Fat cells may play key role in battle against breast cancer: York U study

Chronic stress of a bad relationship can negatively affect your health, experts warn

Shocking new role found for the immune system: Controlling social interaction

Gary tells of his times going to help prisoners in Queens and helping AIDS patients in New Jersey and had them on the road to recovery

Cash-strapped towns are un-paving roads they can’t afford to fix
Gary reads a letter from a listener named Desiree. Desiree wrote about her feelings with what her generation is doing to make the world a better place. Then John talks about his generation talking about himself but it could be about the whole generation.

VIDEO: Miss USA — Should Math Be Taught In Schools?

VIDEO: Learn to speak American!
Gary takes a break and plays this great tune: I Love The Nightlife—-Alicia Bridges
VIDEO: She speaks fluent American
VIDEO: You will not support Nike after watching this. Trust me.


Expat Files – 04.03.16


A high percentage of Gringos and Expats living in Latin America still believe in the American Republi-Rat political system. Talk about clueless Gringos! It’s a good thing most of those “brain lost” types are found living “on the gringo tourist trail”…and for me its reason number 4536 why I recommend living “off the tourist trail”. Here’s the scoop on that travesty…


Historically, Latins couldn’t care one frijole about US politics. However, for the first time ever local Latins are paying extreme attention to the race. The only issue for Latins here is immigration of course and today you’ll find out the crap the Latin media is spreading and hoe the locals are reacting…


You’ll be surprised to hear that most upscale and wealthy Latins American secretly hope Trump wins. Why? Because they’re embarrassed and shamed by the negative stereotypes created by those who have slipped into the US illegally. Many Latins with dough and education actually want Trump to build a wall to keep then sweaty masses out. Wealthy Latins are very classist and hate that white-bread US citizens seem to paint all classes Latins with the same negative brush.

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