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What Women Must Know – The Power of Plant Medicine for Healing and Transformation with Gerry Powell – 05.24.18

Gerard Powell is the personification of the American success story who realized, as do many people in his position, that money does not necessarily buy happiness. Instead, he opted to try anything available to hide from himself and his “perfect” life. Most of his existence he suffered from addiction and depression, incessantly trying to fill the hole deep within with …


LOA Today – 02.23.17

Continuing our discussion of Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich, this week we talk about Chapter 12: The Subconscious Mind. This is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak, because the subconscious mind is where all of the Law of Attraction work actually takes place.


LOA Today – 02.09.17

Continuing our ongoing discussion of Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, this week we talk about Chapter 9: Persistence. While we don’t mention it in the show, one of the most interesting pieces of the chapter is the end where Hill talks about the persistence of Mohammad, the prophet of Islam. This example may not be popular among some folks today, showing just how much society has moved away from the concepts that built America.


Erica Etelson – How the Myth of the Meritocracy Ruins Students

The plight of the over-scheduled, over-tested, stressed out student has become the subject of much hand-wringing and several good educational policy prescriptions. ​But if youth are to escape the educational pressure cooker, we need to understand how the pervasive myth of the meritocracy traps them in it. As the instant classic 2009 film, Race to Nowhere, and its 2015 sequel, Beyond …

Universities, Inc: How Academia Became a Business – BEN AGGER

We use shorthand for evaluating faculty: “She is productive.” We don’t necessarily have in mind a steel worker toiling in Andrew Carnegie’s factories but, given one’s orientation, perhaps a Hero of Socialist Labor. Factory work may be too grubby a metaphor for genteel academics. The antonym is worse: Loser, slacker, non-publisher. Generational politics are in play as young faculty who …