Energy Stew – Scott Stabile – 11.24.17

Scott Stabile found so many ways to be discouraged about life, especially tragic deaths in his family when he was very young. He also became an expert at failing and finding fault with himself. His journey is very inspiring to us all as he learned how to reframe his life into kindness to himself and others. I was very moved …


Leid Stories—Cruising or A Legal Bruising: Lawsuits Against Trump Could End His Presidency—03.07.17

He’s been in office just six weeks, but Donald Trump has already worn out his welcome. His abrasive nature, unrelenting narcissism and tendency to play fast and loose with the facts are just a few of the reasons he’s polling as the least popular U.S. president this early in his term of office.


The Gary Null Show – 12.07.16

Today on The Gary Null Show, Gary gives the listeners advice/different ways to stay calm and how it benefits you, the topic of probiotics for multiple sclerosis and chemotherapy. In the second half of the program Gary plays a very important clip about the BBC explaing how they got caught staging fake news. After that extended clip Gary opens up the phone lines so the audience can give their thoughts.


Infectious Myth – John Dowe on Mefloquine and the Military – 09.15.15

In episode 70 David talks to former soldier John Dowe whether the drug Mefloquine (see Episode 67’s interview with Dr. Remington Nevin) could have played a role in the so-called Somalia Affair. In 1993, the same year as the Battle of Mogadishu and Black Hawk Down, soldiers from the elite Canadian Airborne Regiment were also in a restless and violent part of Somalia. Frustrated with locals sneaking in to steal and sabotage, someone ordered them to start “roughing up” anyone they caught. One group of soldiers interpreted this as setting up a trap. When the searchlight was suddenly turned on the soldiers literally blew one Somali into pieces, and severely injured another. In a second incident, a Somali was captured and beaten to death by two other soldiers.
When photos were released, a public inquiry and criminal investigation were launched, resulting in one soldier trying to commit suicide, one being sentenced to five years, and several others disciplined. The head of the military was forced to resign due to the scandal, and his successor. The Minister of Defence also resigned. Most significantly of all the entire Canadian Airborne Regiment was disbanded.
John Dowe, like many others, has noticed severe personality changes after taking the weekly malaria drug Mefloquine, and he believes that this, along with other factors such as stress, alcohol, boredom and poor leadership, allowed this scandal to occur. In fact, when he walked into the bunker where the Somali was being beaten to death, one of the soldiers doing the beating came up to him and said that “This is not who I am, John”.
John became an activist only in 2014, when he discovered that this drug is still in use by Canadian and other militaries. He is part of a small group of Canadians trying to raise awareness, in cooperation with similar groups around the world.
Although there is no website yet, John can be reached via Email at johndowe49@gmail.com, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=636190328 and Twitter: @johndowe49.
For more information on the Somalia affair, please see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somalia_Affair