Expanding Mind – The Great Larry Norman – 05.24.18

A conversation with author Gregory Alan Thornbury about 70s Jesus Music, apocalyptic politics, Bob Dylan, countercultural Christianity, and his fascinating biography of the Christian rock star Larry Norman: Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?: Larry Norman and the Perils of Christian Rock. Download this episode (right click and save)


Leid Stories—The Battle for Our Minds Rages On, But Give Them No Easy Victories!—02.09.18

No, you’re not imagining things. You know intuitively that Trump’s rosy picture of the “new” America simply is not squaring with what we’re seeing and experiencing every day. Even diehard Make-America-Great-Again believers are worrying about the growing distance between them and the goodies they were promised. They lost their minds to sweet talk. We at Leid Stories don’t go for …


The Gary Null Show – 05.12.17

Facing grief and discovering gratitude as a means to become more progressive and spiritually active to confront climate change and our societal ills Francis Weller is a psychotherapist, writer and activist who employs a variety of methods for people to reclaim what the famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung called “unforgotten wisdom” that resides in the heart of everybody’s psyche. He is …


Cody Charles – Ten Counterproductive Behaviors of Well-Intentioned People

This is a follow-up to my previous piece entitled Ten Counterproductive Behaviors of Social Justice Educators. The latter was written for folks who consider equity work as their core life purpose. I wrote Ten Counterproductive Behaviors of Well-Intentioned People for the folks who consider themselves good people invested in social justice and conversations around equity, but who may show up in the ally …