The Gary Null Show – 10.11.16

Today On The Gary Null Show, Gary opens up with the program with the latest in heath and healing. Before going to the break Gary opens up about the updates in the environment. In the second half of the program Gary give some commentaries from Chris Hedges and Henry Grioux while giving his own opinions on the debate Sunday night.


Expat Files – 08.21.16

#1- You’ve heard of the phrase “9 meals from anarchy”? It describes what 1st world people will face soon enough- when the mierda  truly hits the fan up in O’vomitland. Meanwhile here in Latin America, so much ripe fruit literally falls off the trees that the phrase “9 meals from anarchy” seems right out of Disney’s Fantasyland         #2- …

iran nuclear deal

Iran: The Leading Proponent for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World – Stephen Lendman

As long as these weapons exist, humanity’s survival remains up for grabs. Sooner or later they’ll be used. Armageddon may follow. The world’s entire nuclear weapons stockpile must be eliminated to prevent it. The consequences otherwise are too potentially catastrophic to ignore. Albert Einstein deplored nuclear weapons. “I have always condemned the use of the atomic bomb against Japan,” he …