Visionaries – 11.13.17

“Michael Silver.” Once again we check in with Mike to see what is up in consciousness, A.I., and stuff like that. Mike is an architect, cultural commentator, professor, student of consciousness and principal of Critical Systems Lab. He works in robotics among other fields. Today we discuss Artificial Intelligence, Consciousness, and the mind/body problem. That should cover it. Download this …


Visionaries – 11.06.17

“Christopher Vogler:” Chris is a Hollywood development executive known for his 2007 book “The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure For Writers,” a guide for screenwriters. The book grew out of his now legendary 7 page memo, “A Practical Guide to Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces.” Chris’s approach not only reveals the mythic patterns underlying our movies, but also …


The Personal Computer Radio Show – 11.01.17

Personal Computer Show Wednesday, November 1st 2017 Broadcast PRN.fm on the INTERNET 6:00 PM ET IN THE NEWS Sprint/T-Mobile merger is off, preserving wireless competition Microsoft axes Outlook.com premium features iOS apps can turn on your camera any time without warning FEATURE SEGMENTS Wearable and Health Technology – Dr Alfred Poor Common smartphone app saves heart attack patients; Smart hardhat …


What Women Must Know – The Perfect Anti-Aging Worksout with Teresa Tapp – 08.10.17

The Perfect Anti-Aging Worksout with Teresa Tapp  Teresa Tapp is an exercise physiologist, nutritional counselor and savvy businesswoman.  Teresa knows how a woman’s body works-especially women over the age of 30. For the past 24 years, she has been chronicling her personal experience and collecting data from hundreds of female clients, developing exciting new insights on women’s health and fitness. …


Leid Stories—What A Week! Enough Fodder for A Whole Year!—08.04.17

Help us understand what happened this week and, more importantly, what’s behind it all. Bring your thoughts—on this and related issues—to “Free Your Mind Friday,” Radioland’s best open forum. Call 888-874-4888 and make your case. Download this episode (right click and save)  


The Personal Computer Radio Show – 08.02.17

Personal Computer Show Wednesday, August 2nd 2017 Broadcast PRN.fm on the INTERNET 6:00 PM ET IN THE NEWS: Apple removes VPN apps from the App Store in China TSA Will Now Screen All Electronics ‘Larger Than a Cell Phone’ IBM Beats Amazon In 12-Month Cloud Revenue, $15.1 Billion To $14.5 Billion Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 FEATURE SEGMENTS: Microsoft Software …

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Replenish Me – 06.29.17

 Cordelia Gaffar is an author, speaker and founder of Workout Around My Day and the Stress Less Mom(TM). She created this three step process over the past fifteen years to help her raise her six children. With this program moms can thrive and prioritize themselves by nourishing with wholesome food, energizing with movement and encouraging themselves with sweet talk. Her …


Black Agenda Radio – 05.15.17

Welcome, to the radio magazine that brings you news, commentary and analysis from a Black Left perspective. Coming up: A new report shows that one out of every five Black prison inmates in the U.S. is serving a life sentence; Why in the world would an organization that calls itself leftist demonstrate on behalf of the former head of the …