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The Gary Null Show – 04.19.18

Today is April 19th and like always The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment. Breast cancer linked to an imbalanced microbiome, research says Regular nut intake linked to lower risk of heart rhythm irregularity (atrial fibrillation) Raw fruit and vegetables provide better mental health outcomes: Otago research Does Sugar …

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The Gary Null Show – 12.13.17

The human rights crisis in American supermax prisons and solitary confinement.. and how matters have worsened under Trump  Dr. Terry Allen Kupers is a psychiatrist in private practice and serves on the faculty at the Wright Institute in Berkeley California — a graduate academy founded by the pioneering psychologist Nevitt Sanford that offers higher degrees in clinical psychology. He specializes …


The Personal Computer Radio Show – 12.06.17

Personal Computer Show Wednesday, December 6th 2017 Broadcast on the INTERNET 6:00 PM ET Trouble Shooting Problems the Past Week IN THE NEWS: 1.    New Firefox Runs Like a Rabbit 2.    FDA Gives Nod to Apple Watch EKG Reader Accessory 3.    macOS UPDATE ACCIDENTALLY UNDOES APPLE’S “ROOT” BUG PATCH  FEATURE SEGMENTS Wearable and Health Technology – Dr Alfred Poor §  a look back at my …


Expanding Mind – For the Wild – 11.30.17

Religious scholar Sarah M. Pike talks about wilderness conversion, Hare Krishna hardcore, feral wonder, and her illuminating new book For the Wild: Ritual and Commitment in Radical Eco-Activism (University of California). Download this episode (right click and save)


Leid Stories—Finding A Safe Place In A World Going Crazy (Part 2)—11.28.17

Yesterday’s discussion—on how we cope with day-to-day stresses and adversities and continue toward our commitment to activism and self-realization—generated an extraordinary response, both on-air and via email. So, Leid Stories returns to the topic today to accommodate those who weren’t able to join the conversation yesterday due to time constraints, and others who’d like to add to their thoughts.   …

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The Gary Null Show – 10.17.17

the demise of the Democratic party and American liberalism — is reform a possibility? Thomas Frank is a political analyst, an historian of cultural ideas, journalist, a columnist for The Guardian, and a former columnist for Harpers Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. He is a currently the founding editor of “The Baffler.” His areas of writing include party politics, …


What Women Must Know – The Perfect Anti-Aging Worksout with Teresa Tapp – 08.10.17

The Perfect Anti-Aging Worksout with Teresa Tapp  Teresa Tapp is an exercise physiologist, nutritional counselor and savvy businesswoman.  Teresa knows how a woman’s body works-especially women over the age of 30. For the past 24 years, she has been chronicling her personal experience and collecting data from hundreds of female clients, developing exciting new insights on women’s health and fitness. …


LOA Today – 04.20.17

Download this episode (right click and save) The good news is that Joel is back! The bad news is that the reason he’s been away for the past two weeks is because his mom died suddenly and unexpectedly. But Joel has also mastered the art of successfully dealing with grief, and he shares his secret method with us. You will …