The Gary Null Show – 04.18.16

On “The Gary Null Show” today, Gary discusses these topics below and give his take on them. Click on title to learn more about what Gary is talking about:

UF/IFAS scientists warn of pharmaceutical peril for aquatic organisms in urban rivers

Acupuncture might help ease high blood pressure

Happily Single – The link between relationship status and well-being depends on avoidance and approach social goals

Is too much screen time damaging your child’s brain?

Gary takes a quick music break and plays: Wilson Pickett – Don’t Let The Green Grass Fool You

Topical resveratrol combats skin aging

News coverage of Fukushima disaster found lacking

Fertilizer applied to fields today will pollute water for decades

Lestor R. Brown – How much will it cost to save our economy’s foundation?

By cutting down forests, humans may be giving themselves malaria

10 reasons why homelessness is more common now than just 20 years ago

Saudi Arabia threatens to sell off US assets if Congress passes 9/11 bill

Video: Former US Senator Bob Graham “Saudi role in 9/11 attacks kept secret”

Source of the Video: Florida Ex-Senator pursues claims of Saudi ties to Sept. 11 attacks

Gary gives his commentary on the video and NY Times article to end the show for today.