Global Alert News – 04.01.17

These are indeed strange days on planet Earth. The human race is spiraling toward the paradigm shift of critical resource depletion, climate disintegration, mass starvation, and global conflict. Not only is there no attempt by global powers to slow down the unraveling, every imaginable effort is being made by the power structure to accelerate the looting, pillaging, and plundering of our dying planet. As our species approach the cliff, we are collectively hitting the accelerator, not the brakes. Could there be any silver lining to the increasingly catastrophic events that are battering populations around the globe? Could the rapid acceleration of such events finally trigger the forced wake-up of the masses before all is lost?


Study: How climate change threatens mountaintops (and clean water)

Mountains are far more than rocks. About half of the world’s drinking water filters through their high-elevation forests, plants, and soils, among other natural benefits. Now, a new first-of-its kind study, in the journal Nature, shows how these mountain ecosystems around the globe may be threatened by climate change. Rising temperatures over the next decades appear likely to “decouple” key …


ANNALEE NEWITZ – How cooking vegetables changed humanity 10,000 years ago

When you imagine Neolithic hunter-gatherers, you probably think of people eating hunks of meat around an open fire. But the truth is that many humans living 10,000 years ago were eating more vegetables and grains than meat. Researchers discovered this after an extensive chemical analysis of 110 pottery fragments found in the Libyan Sahara Desert, a region that was once …


Humans an Invasive Species Heading for a ‘Crash,’ Study Says

Human population growth has followed the trajectory of a typical invasive species, says a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature, and that suggests there may be a looming global population “crash.” “The question is: Have we overshot Earth’s carrying capacity today?” said Elizabeth Hadly, a professor in environmental biology at Stanford University and senior author of the paper, in …


Leid Stories – 07.31.15

Continue the Conversation—Or Start One—on “Free Your Mind Friday!” What’s your take on the issues and events we’ve been discussing on Leid Stories? But the field is wide open. Share your thoughts, information, opinions and ideas about anything worthy of further consideration and debate. It’s “Free Your Mind Friday,” and you get to take the conversation wherever you want it …

carbon dating

New radio carbon dating technique will revolutionise field archaeology

Scientists from the University of Liverpool are developing a new carbon dating technology that could revolutionize field archaeology. In partnership with Norton Priory Museum & Gardens and supported by funding from theArts Council England, they will develop a new technique which will make it quicker and easier to date archaeological finds. Radiocarbon dating is used to determine the age of ancient objects by …