Expat Files – 02.23.18

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #736- FRI, FEB 23- (02-23-2018): #1- It’s a small world after all: Gringos and expats find out quite soon that in Latin America many things like sinks, toilets, stairs and doors are pint-sized. But that’s not all. So are cloths and clothing sizes. That means apparel selection and cloths shopping can be a constant problem for …

Salma Jafri

Replenish Me – 02.22.18

In our fun conversation, Salma and I talk careers, dreams and having a family. Salma Jafri is a YouTube Certified Content Strategist and international speaker. She is the Founder of #BeTheMediaMastermind – video training academy for entrepreneurs. She is a Channel Partner and Contributor at Entrepreneur.com and host a weekly video show on You Tube called “Be the Media”. Website: …


Visionaries – 07.17.17

“Is the Universe Conscious?” A conversation with Dr. Gregory L. Matloff, emeritus associate and adjunct associate professor of physics at New York City College of Technology (NYCCT), who has coordinated the astronomy program at that institution, has consulted for the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, is a Fellow of the British interplanetary Society, is a Hayden Associate at the American …


John Rees – 5 novels every revolutionary should read

Some of the best pieces of fiction ever written about revolutionary experience are outlined by writer and historian John Rees When I first started to research the Levellers I had it in mind that I might write a kind of collective biography of Leveller activists. I thought of two previous models. One came from the 17th century itself, John Aubrey’s …


Leid Stories – 11.09.15

Netanyahu’s Back; This Time He’s Looking to Bag $40 Billion in Free Money

City Council of Hamtramck, Detroit, Now Majority-Muslim—A First in U.S.

Ferguson Looks to Restore Trust with ‘Old-Style’ Policing

He’d brazenly interfered in U.S. domestic affairs when he hijacked a joint session of Congress on March 3 to urge legislators to scuttle U.S. and international negotiations with Iran on its nuclear program. He and several of his senior advisers have spoken, and continue to speak, rather disparagingly of President Barack Obama and his administration. But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s back in Washington today, and he’s looking for a $40-billion handout in military aid.

Hamtramck, a small city within Detroit, Michigan, made big news last week. With elections last week, it now boasts a majority-Muslim City Council—a first in the United States.

The City of Ferguson, Missouri, is trying to heal longstanding rifts between the community and cops with “old-style policing,” Interim Police Chief Andre Anderson told locals Saturday.

What Science Tells Us About the Ugly Biases of Our Criminal Justice System By Kali Holloway

For the last few days, President Obama has been touring the country, talking about the desperate need for criminal justice reform. This past Thursday, he became the first sitting president [3] to visit a federal prison, a corrections facility in El Reno, Oklahoma. Two days prior, he spoke at the NAACP’s annual conference in Philadelphia. Much of his speech was dedicated …