Michael Welton – The Russell-Einstein Peace Manifesto of 1955

It is worth revisiting the famous Russell-Einstein Peace Manifesto. Offered to the world in 1955 in the icy winds of Cold War One, two of the greatest humanists and scientific minds of the twentieth century, Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) and Albert Einstein (1879-1955), proposed a stark question to humankind. “Shall we put an end to the human race; or shall mankind …


Leid Stories – 08.21.15

Don’t Keep It All to Yourself! Free Your Mind!
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Dr. Vandana Shiva – 5 GMO Myths Debunked by Vandana Shiva

1. Myth of the Green Revolution I wrote a book for the United Nations University, “The Violence of the Green Revolution,” which has been republished by many publishers globally, including the Kentucky University Press. Extracts from the book are available on Google. My study was reinforced by the study done by Dr. Jatindar Bajaj, with whom I did MSc Hons in …


Ralph Nader – Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us, Revisited

When the stunning article “Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us” by Bill Joy, chief scientist for Sun Microsystems, made the cover of Wired Magazine in April 2000, it created quite a rumble in high-tech circles. Its argument was that “our most powerful 21st century technologies—robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotech—are threatening to make humans an endangered species.” Bill Joy was writing about out …

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Rob Price – Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, and thousands of AI researchers just issued a warning about killer robots

More than a thousand artificial-intelligence researchers have cosigned an open letter calling for a ban on autonomous weapons, or “killer robots.” As The Verge reports, they have been joined by hundreds more sympathetic signatories from outside the industry — including Tesla CEO Elon Musk, scientist Stephen Hawking, and social theorist Noam Chomsky. Autonomous weapons capable of attacking targets without human …

Bill Gates

Bill Gates: the new Pavlov by Jon Rappoport

Are human beings becoming social constructs? Populations are undergoing a quiet revolution. We can cite some of the reasons: television; education; job training and employment requirements; the Surveillance State; government organizations who follow a “zero tolerance” policy; inundation with advertising. It’s all geared to produce people who are artificial constructs. And this is just the beginning. There are a number …


Bilderberg Wields Artificial Intelligence: “A Tool to Massively Amplify Our Ability to Control the World” – Aaron Dykes

The underground project to unseat humanity and create a world run by technology has been officially underwritten by the elite. What do we know about Bilderberg’s techno-control master plan since the wrap up of its June 11-14 conference? As usual, not much from the inside; but we know quite a bit by tracing the work of its attendees and insider …


The Cognitive Short-Circuit of “Artificial Consciousness” – Bernardo Kastrup

The new sci-fi film Ex_Machina has been teasing back into the cultural dialogue dreams of artificial consciousness: the idea that we humans, through the Faustian power of technology, can birth into being mechanisms capable of inner life, subjectivity and affection. Since these dreams are entirely based on implicit assumptions about the nature of consciousness and reality at large, I thought a few …


Can We Harness Telepathy for Moral Good

Every modern generation has had its own idiosyncratic obsession with telepathy, the hope that one human being might be able to read another person’s thoughts. In the late 19th century, when spiritualism was in vogue, mind-reading was a parlour game for the fashionable, and the philosopher William James considered telepathy and other psychic phenomena legitimate subjects of study for the …