Ask Beatty – 04.18.16

Beatty talked about important lessens in life that she learned from her father, Maurice Sair and from having spent her entire life competing in provincial and national sports in Canada.

Her new segment, News You Can Use, will update you on current research findings having to do with health and mental health issues.


Ask Beatty – 03.28.16

Beatty’s guest today is Cheryl Benton, founder of 3 Tomatoes, a digital lifestyle magazine for “women who are no longer kids”. Opportunities of friendships, networking and expert advice of every kind are always available to you. Google 3Tomatoes and enhance your life and relationships today!

Beatty also discussed 13 questions that we need to ask our partner before we say ‘I do’. For an in depth relationship assessment, read Beatty’s book, For Better, for Worse, Forever: Discover the Path to Lasting Love.


Ask Beatty – 03.07.16

Inside Beatty’s Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy Private Practice

Who are the people that contact Beatty for therapy? What kinds of problems do they have? What is the number 1 indicator for a successful therapeutic experience?
If you are considering therapy, listen carefully to what you will be expected to DO if you are going to resolve your issues.


Ask Beatty – 02.29.16

Alternative Medicine….Case Study

You visit one doctor after another, looking for symptom relief. But not only do your symptoms persist, but you are told that your problems are idiopathic.
My guest today is Dr. Serena Goldstein, a Naturopath in private practice in NYC. Her insight will give you alternative ways to think about your treatment, whatever your issues may be.


Ask Beatty – 07.13.15

Beatty talked about the importance of goal setting followed by ACTION. She also reminded people to make sure that their couple’s therapists have a background and extensive training in sex therapy. And finally, let’s ‘unplug’ and face reality when it comes to our lives and relationships.