Project Censored – 01.30.18

Download this episode (right click and save) Long-time Honduras-solidarity activist Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle is the first guest on this weeks show;  he provides updates on the suppression of popular dissent in Honduras in the aftermath of last year’s  corrupted election, and the pervasive power of a tiny US-backed ruling elite.For the second segment of the program, Portland-area high-school teacher Ursula Wolfe-Rocca …


Leid Stories—Chaos of Trumpian Proportions: Will the Apprentice President Survive?—03.02.17

It wasn’t supposed to get this bad this early for Donald Trump, but at just 41 days old his presidency is already haggard and worn, covered with deep wounds from battles he’s fighting but not winning, and sinking below a neap tide of opposition from just about every quarter. The boastful, sure-footed Trump is mired in chaos—most of it his own making—and it’s clear it has stalled his momentum and brought him to a new understanding: This is not a reality show.
We take a look at the elements of Trump’s chaos and how it has become a key weapon for the opposition’s multilevel effort to end his tenure as president.


MICHAEL HUDSON – Break Up the Democratic Party: It’s Time for the Clintons and Rubin to Go – and Soros Too

In the week leading up to last Tuesday’s election the press was busy writing obituaries for the Republican Party. This continued even after Donald Trump’s “surprising” victory – which, like the 2008 bank-fraud crash, “nobody could have expected.” The pretense is that Trump saw what no other politician saw: that the economy has notrecovered since 2008. Democrats still seem amazed …


Jake Johnson – Blame the Neoliberals: Democrats’ Toxic Ideology Paved the Way for Trump

Congratulations are not in order. Donald Trump’s bigotry, his heinous treatment of women, his authoritarian posturing, his hatred of free speech, and his stupendous ignorance are more than sufficient to make him a figure worthy of unqualified contempt — and now he is president of the United States. In the coming months, Trump will attempt to impose himself on the …

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds a campaign event in Pensecola, Florida U.S. November 2, 2016.  REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Jonathan Cohn – ‘Millions To Lose Insurance,’ And Other Likely Headlines From The Trump Presidency

Millions of people lose health insurance. Undocumented workers face new threats of deportation. Progress on reducing greenhouse gases starts to reverse. Conservatives regain a majority in the Supreme Court, and are poised to expand their influence. Deficits rise, forcing cuts to programs on which the poor and middle class depend. Those are some of the headlines you could see over the …