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Global Alert News – 02.24.18

Carefully crafted social conditioning has convinced the majority of the US population that their government and military is just and benevolent. Does the historical record in any way support such a conclusion? We are all living in a real life version of “The Truman Show”, in which public perceptions are almost completely manipulated by mainstream media weapons of mass deception. …


The Torch – 02.12.17

My name is Paul DeRienzo and this is The Torch, a weekly program dedicated to investigating the stories that lay outside the mainstream and shining a bright light on the darkest crevices of the national security state. We are also dedicated to idea that if you can’t dance no one will want your revolution. Therefore we will be looking into the cultural aspects of social change and dedicate ourselves to the proposition of having fun.


Alexander Mercouris – Russia’s Security Council: The Committee That Runs Russia

On 10th October 2015 Russia’s Security Council held another meeting. One of the tropes of Western commentary about Russia is that its political system is highly personalised around Putin. Putin supposedly runs everything himself, making all important decisions, consulting only his cronies, with his officials and ministers mere servants of his will. To the extent that policy debate within Russia’s political …