Meria Heller – News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria. “Island of Lost Souls” – 12.11.16

News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria. “Island of Lost Souls” -pizzagate;Wayne Madsen on pizza gate;Michael Flynn Jr fired by Trump for fake news story; thousands of snow geese dead;oil pipeline breaks in N.D.; Natives to stay in Standing Rock;selling of trump towers -security? Bob Dole arranged call between trump & Taiwan;trump’s latest militaristic picks; Exorcism at Capitol; trumps son in laws paper wants FBI after trump protesters; beaten by white cops for being black;mistrial by 11 white jurors in Walter Scott case; talking toys & NSA;coal miners to lose retirement benefits;Australia’s indefinite detentions; trump vs. Carrier union president;Burka ban in Germany;twitter vs.trump;book suppression; death threats from trump fans;Amazon’s new Go store vs.trump;oil pig to run EPA; Pentagon wasted $125 billion;Americans Jews & Muslims unite; forgiveness ceremony at Standing Rock;inexperienced Ben Carson heading Housing;Cumrags for Congress movement;Ohio’s horrific abortion law;6.5 No.California;and lots more insanity.