Verizon Calls in SWAT Team to Keep Exploited Overseas Workers Under Wraps

Representatives from the Communications Workers of America (CWA), the union whose members are currently engaged in a weeks-long strike against Verizon for its “corporate greed,” say they discovered this week that the communications behemoth has publicly lied about the extent of its offshoring of jobs. “When our members uncovered how Verizon is padding its incredible profit margins by replacing good paying American …


ABBY HAGLAGE – Can Adderall Abuse Trigger Temporary Schizophrenia?

25 million people take Adderall to help them focus. But when used recreationally, the drug can be harmful—even deadly. By the time 36-year-old Scott Hahn caused a fatal crash on the New Jersey Turnpike Feb. 22, he’d taken 10 Adderall pills and been awake for more than a day. The accident took the lives of local teacher Tim O’Donnell and his 5-year-old …


Leid Stories – 12.03.15

Prosecuting Egregious Police Crimes: When the Law Is Out of Order
(Part 4: The Jamar Clark (Minneapolis) Case
Leid Stories concludes a series on legal issues and challenges involved in prosecuting police officers charged with killing civilians. Today’s installment focuses on a police killing that has sparked community outrage and protest since Nov. 15—the day Jamar Clark, 24, was shot in the head by a Minneapolis police officer during a highly contentious arrest. Eyewitnesses claim Clark was restrained and handcuffed when he was killed, but police say he tried to take an officer’s gun away from him.
“The People’s Attorney General” Alton H. Maddox Jr., who set many legal precedents litigating police-brutality and hate-crime cases in New York, discusses key legal issues in the case that are at the root of ongoing protests demanding a federal investigation.