Alexa Clay – A New Economic Vision That Mixes Together Occupy, Amish Culture, and Startups

t feels we are in a time of increasing cultural polarization, marked by the refugee crisis in Europe, the staunch divide of U.S. domestic politics, and the growing disenchantment of millennials with traditional institutions. Now, as we fall victim to the cultural bubbles we live in—the walled echo chambers of opinion that make up our social networks—we need to be …


Energy Stew – Aleya Dao explores multi-dimensionality – 09.25.15

Aleya is a divine soul who brings us not only her wisdom but her deep spiritual nature. She’s a wonderful teacher who understands the mechanics of our higher dimensions and can help us climb into them.

In this show, she’ll examine the 7 cups of consciousness so we can all manifest a greater capacity to live multi-dimensionally.

Be sure to tune in a expand your horizons.