Wall Street Donors Flocking to Clinton

Now that Donald Trump has secured his position as the presumptive Republican nominee, Wall Street donors are fleeing the party and throwing their support behind Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. A Wall Street Journal analysis published late Sunday found that the former secretary of state “has raised $4.2 million in total from Wall Street, $344,000 of which was contributed in March alone.” In fact, …


BARRY LANDO – Perilous Unknowns: the Mental Health of Presidential Candidates

It’s become normal for Americans to demand—and receive-a professional assessment of the physical health of the candidates for president—just as they expect updates on the medical state of the president himself. After all, there have been many infamous cases of presidents, from Franklin Roosevelt to Jack Kennedy, who secretly endured serious debilitating illnesses. Thus, the current crop of presidential hopefuls …


Glen Ford – A Republican Meltdown Won’t Make the Democrats Better

“The Democrats are likely to escape such an implosion, unless Hillary’s inner witch makes it impossible for the Sandernistas to quietly acquiesce to her coronation.” Bernie Sanders’ surprise victory in Michigan – and his best showing yet among Black voters, at 30 percent – increases the odds that Hillary Clinton will at some point in this primary season lose discipline and allow …


Why People Don’t Take Right-Wing Evangelicals So Seriously Anymore

Back before 9/11 indelibly linked Islam with terrorism, back before the top association to “Catholic priest” was “pedophile,” most Americans—even nonreligious Americans—thought of religion as benign. I’m not religious myself, people would say, but what’s the harm if it gives someone else a little comfort or pleasure. Back then, people associated Christianity with kindness and said things like, “That’s not very Christian …


Laurie Penny – Why the rest of the world should get a vote in the greatest reality TV show on Earth – the US election

I’ve been watching so closely, I am now able to tell Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio apart almost 50 per cent of the time, though it’s still like watching the Chuckle Brothers trying to lead a fascist rally. We’re only halfway through, and I’m already sick of the US presidential race. As reality television goes, it’s a hackneyed format. The narrative …


Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour – 02.04.16


We are concerned about the reported outcome of the Iowa caucuses and what that might mean for the general election. With the great GREG PALAST and BOB FITRAKIS, and with READER SUPPORTED NEWS reporter SCOTT GALINDEZ we explore what really happened with the vote count there.

We also ask the $64 trillion question: CAN BERNIE WIN IN A “STRIP & FLIP” ELECTRONIC SELECTION?

We look the impact of stripping the voter rolls and flipping the vote count from the 2000 and 2004 presidential thefts for George W. Bush, and see what the implications might be for 2016. It’s not a pretty picture.


Key Issue Ignored by Presidential Candidates: Food

“Why don’t candidates talk about food?” That’s a question asked by the Des Moines Register‘s editorial board this weekend, who also pointed out that the “first-in-the nation caucuses are held in one of the world’s great agricultural centers.” It should be a major issue for presidential candidates, the Register says, because What we eat and how it’s produced are not jokes. These questions involve many …


Trends This Week – Celente Slams Media for Underplaying Market Meltdowns – 01.13.16

Classic tell-it-like-it-is Gerald Celente. The master global forecaster breaks down how the mainstream media soft-peddled coverage of Wall Street’s worst opening of a new year in its history. Despite the Dow industrials plummeting more than 1,000 points to ring in the worst first week of the new year ever, and despite US stocks losing $1.36 trillion in value, and despite crude oil’s price tumbling 11 percent in one week, the business-media spin was that the strong jobs report proved the fundamentals of the economy were sound. Indeed, The New York Times, the self-anointed “Paper of Record,” featured the jobs report on page 1 while burying the Dow’s history-making dive on the lower-bottom left of the next-to-last page of the business section with the less-than-startling headline, “Markets slide to worst week in 4 years.” Even The Wall Street Journal’s top-of-the-page headline, “Bad week for stocks dims outlook,” played down the severity of the history-making market-mauling by overshadowing it with a dramatic front-page photo of a gunman shooting a policeman driving a squad car in Philadelphia. All essential indicators signal a global recession is not only inevitable, it’s imminent, just as the Trends Research Institute forecast last year. But the mainstream business media is passively waiting for the storm to blow over.

Dean Baker – Treating Global Warming Denialism Like a Sex Scandal

The Washington Post ran a column last week that blamed the baby boom generation for global warming. Even for the Post this was extraordinarily low. This is not an issue of defending my generation; it is a question of how bad policy persists. And the answer puts the blame far more on media outlets like theWashington Post than people born in the two decades after World War …


David Masciotra – Why the Christian Right Is so at Home With Donald Trump’s Bloated Narcissism

One of the questions vexing the mediocre punditry of American discourse is how Donald Trump—a former star of the tabloids with a track record of scandal and little history of religious affiliation—is polling so well with evangelical Christians. Poll results vary, but Trump consistently has 20 to 30 percent support among Christian conservatives. The numbers are impressive considering his opponents include Ben …