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Moving Forward – 07.17.17

Rob Seimetz and Bruce Wright our joined by Linh Dinh. Today we discuss America’s war on the poor and homeless, as well as, the End of America. Linh Dinh is the author of Postcards from the End of America and nine other books. His political essays are published regularly at Unz Review and other webzines.  His website is Download this episode (right …


The Gary Null Show – 01.02.17

Today on The Gary Null Show, We would like to be the first to wish you a happy and healthy 2017! Gary kicks off the program today talking about the latest in health and healing, giving you the best ways to be health for the new year! After a musical break Gary Null goes into a long commentary on the politcal news. In the final part of the show Gary plays a POWERFUL clip by George Carlin and a hit tv seres from the 1960’s.


Let’s Create A Better World – 10.31.16

Journalist and Former talk show host of Healthy Planet, Healthy Me and A Right to Know on the Pacifica network, Sherry Beall, is our guest. Sherry spent many years researching how to create environmentally friendly homes, including her own, and is regularly invited to speak on this topic.


Attention Progressive Radio Network Listeners: New Listen Live Phone Numbers!

Attention Progressive Radio Network Listeners: With the high demand of listeners wanting to tune in over the phone, We have opened up more phone lines for you! Below are all the numbers you can reach and listen to The Progressive Radio Network! 1-619-550-0869 1-401-347-0456 1-424-203-8046 1-605-475-5151 1-701-801-3662 1-832-280-0066 1-515-605-9429 1-302-781-8198 1-605-562-5119 1-641-793-7091 1-712-775-6850 1-231-423-1309

Public school violates First Amendment by firing vegan teacher over private Facebook post – J. D. Heyes

A second-grade teacher in Smithville, Ohio, was fired from his job in December because he wrote on his Facebook page that he was against dairy farming. According to local affiliate Fox8, Keith Allison is a vegan and animal rights advocate who often openly posts his views regarding those issues to his Facebook page. In August, Allison took pictures of a local …