Project Censored – 02.27.18

Author/scholar Henry Giroux is this week’s guest for the duration of the program; he and Mickey discuss the historical forces that paved the way for a Trump presidency, and how to resist the threat of facism in the years ahead, especially by way of education. Henry Giroux teaches at McMaster University in Canada, and is the author of more than …

The war on drugs causes massive human rights violations

The war on drugs has had devastating effects on human rights and public health worldwide, argue experts in The BMJ today. In November, the journal argued that prohibition laws have failed and called on doctors to lead the debate on alternative rational policies that promote health and respect dignity. This week, key players in this debate discuss the harms of …


LOA Today – 11.26.15

Joel Elston starts his tenure as my new co-host this week, and we begin by talking about your comfort zone. Did you know that your comfort zone is actually your greatest enemy? It’s what keeps you locked in place, unable to achieve your greatest dreams and aspirations. Join Joel and me this week as we discuss leaving your comfort zone to get the best from the Law of Attraction and from your life.


Disease-carrying fleas abound on New York City’s rats

In the first study of its kind since the 1920s, rats in New York City were found to carry a flea species capable of transmitting plague pathogens. In research appearing March 2 in the Journal of Medical Entomology, lead author Matthew Frye, an urban entomologist with Cornell University’s New York State Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program, reported collecting more than 6,500 …