Let’s Create A Better World – 08.15.15

Guest: Dr. Ren, a naturopath
Dr. Ren, America’s holistic sweetheart, spoke about aging, healthy lifestyle, Cancer, Heart and Cardiovascular issues, her videos about various conditions, and some very sound advice for people to be healthier.

Guest: Stefan Rudolph
Our second guest, Stefan Rudolph, talked about a major health show he is managing that will be taking place soon; he also talked about overcoming obstacles, exercise, diet and the power of the mind.


Kali Holloway – Why We’re Sick and Tired of Wellness

In big-picture terms, wellness sounds like a pretty good idea right about now. Around the world, obesity rates [3] are climbing (astoundingly, the planet’s “1.6 billion overweight [4] and obese now outnumber the malnourished by nearly 2-to-1”). Noncommunicable illnesses such as heart attack and diabetes [5] have supplanted starvation and malnutrition as the world’s leading killers. Fast food proliferates [6] globally, …

hillary clinton

Five Inconvenient Truths About Hillary Clinton By Ben Burgis

Thinking about voting for Jill Stein (or any candidate not named “Hillary Rodham Clinton”) in November 2016? You probably already know that by next fall, a lot of your liberal friends and family members will be about as open to that discussion as loyal Ingsok members in 1984 were to Emmanuel Goldstein’s criticisms of Big Brother. Hell, a lot of …

The hidden Hazzard of viral activism – KHALED A BEYDOUN

Last week, a daring young black woman climbed up the flagpole in Charleston and took down the Confederate flag. Bree Newsome’s rebellious act at the South Carolina capitol followed a white man’s killing of nine black people at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston, the most recent tragedy that has intensified calls to do away with the Confederate flag – an emblem …


Blacks and Whites Unite Against SB277 Forced Vaccination Bill By Heather Callaghan

“This heinous bill…has now come to the attention of the black community.” Epic speech the mainstream wouldn’t cover! During the months of December 2014 through April 2015, the media, with the backing of Big Pharma through every possible means, changed the entire paradigm surrounding vaccination. It was a forceful push to embrace injections like no other that even spread abroad …

40 Reasons Our Jails and Prisons Are Full of Black and Poor People – Bill Quigley

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) reports 2.2 million people are in our nation’s jails and prisons and another 4.5 million people are on probation or parole in the US, totaling 6.8 million people, one of every 35 adults.  We are far and away the world leader in putting our own people in jail.  Most of the people inside are poor and Black.  …


Freedom Rider: Gentrification and the Death of Black Communities – Margaret Kimberley

“The inhabitants are pushed aside to make way for transplants who may come from the suburbs, another state or even from another country.” There is no city in this country where black people are safe from the current method of displacement known as gentrification. Washington, DC, once had a majority black population and was known as Chocolate City. Perhaps it …

Why Do America’s Riots Mirror Each Other, Generation After Generation? – Frank Rich

As some 37,000 fans streamed into Camden Yards for the Orioles–Red Sox game on the last Saturday evening in April, things were getting out of hand in Baltimore. The peaceful protests of the day were spiraling into bitter confrontations. Outside the stadium and nearby, rocks were being hurled at police and through store windows. If you’d caught these fast-breaking developments …

APTOPIX Suspect Dies Baltimore

Bringing the Crisis to a Head in Baltimore – Glen Ford

“The only thing that can work to fundamentally change the system for Black people – whether in the 21st century or the Sixties – is mass organization for popular empowerment.” It’s been nine months since the Black youth of Ferguson, Missouri, set history in motion with their demand for justice for Michael Brown, yet the “movement” has maintained its momentum while …


The Reasons for Urban Rioting – Lawrence Davidson

If one goes to Wikipedia under the subject of “mass racial violence in the United States,” one will find a “timeline of events” running from 1829 to 2015. There are so many race-related riots listed for these 186 years that, from a historical point of view, rioting appears almost normal. Prior to World War II, these outbreaks mostly involved ethnic, racial or …