The Intelligence Hour with Kevin Shipp – 05.08.17

Host Kevin Shipp and special guest Len Colodny, author of Silent Coup, discuss allegations of false reporting by reporter Bob Woodward, information on the Watergate scandal that was covered up and inconsistencies in Woodward’s claims of a deathbed visit with CIA Director William Casey during the Iran Contra Scandal.  This is an explosive expose’ conducted on the heels of new …


Project Censored – 05.02.17

The program begins with a discussion of how TV depicts female inmates; is “Orange Is The New Black” a step forward in public understanding? Next, what’s happened to media coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement since Donald Trump took office?  Finally on the program, three Project Censored student researchers at San Francisco State University describe their projects, as well …


Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour – 10.29.15


With Political Science Professor BOB FITRAKIS we discuss the very controversial Proposition 3 which would establish legal corporations to grow and dominate the marijuana trade in Ohio. The details of this proposition are so mind-binding you will have to listen to this discussion to sort it all out (we dare you!!!)

We also talk about our new article WHY THE DRUG WAR HAS BEEN A FORTY-YEAR LYNCHING (www.freepress.org) which gets to the bottom of how Richard Nixon and the Republican Party used the War on Drugs to change the nature of politics in America. Among other things, some FORTY MILLION PEOPLE have been arrested for drugs in the US since 1970, with many millions of them losing the right to vote. This helped swing the south to the GOP and give it control of the US Congress.

It’s a mind-boggling issue. Toke up and take a listen!!!


Paul Rosenberg – George W. Bush’s military lies: The real story about the undeniable service gaps he got away with

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein weren’t just journalistic heroes in the normal sense. Their work on Watergate redefined the journalistic world they inhabited, making them more like heroes in the classic mythical sense, as culture-founding figures, whose creation the rest of us merely live inside of. Everyone wanted to be the next Woodward and Bernstein. That stature was underscored by …


Robert Parry – Are Neocons an Existential Threat?

The neoconservatives arguably have damaged American national interests more than any group in modern history. They have done more harm than the marginal Communists pursued by Sen. Joe McCarthy in the 1950s, more than the Yippies of the 1960s, more than Richard Nixon’s Watergate burglars in the 1970s or the Iran-Contra conspirators in the 1980s. The neocons have plunged the …

6 Tips for Protecting Your Communications From Prying Eyes by Julia Angwin

It’s easy to feel hopeless about privacy these days. In the post-Snowden era, we have learned that nearly every form of communication-from emails, phone calls, to text messages – can leave a digital trace that can and likely will be analyzed by commercial data-gatherers and governments. Here are some ways to keep those communications private. While these tips were designed …

Chomsky: Hillary and Obama Are ‘Opportunists’ By Jerome R. Corsi, WND

In a wide-ranging interview at his MIT office, liberal icon Noam Chomsky expressed no enthusiasm for Barack Obama or the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency, dismissing Obama as “an opportunist” and characterizing Clinton as much the same, “only more militant.” Born to immigrant Jewish parents in Philadelphia in 1928, Chomsky explained his political views were formed growing up during …


The US Government Told Me Bin Laden Read My Book. But What Is It Not Telling Us? – Greg Palast

I already knew that Osama bin Laden read my book before the headlines this week — but I’m still angry that he gave The Best Democracy Money Can Buy only four-and-a-half stars on his Amazon review. Obviously, something in the book pissed him off, because he never friended me on Facebook. It was actually quite embarrassing to learn that Bin Laden was …