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Six Subtle Cues That Someone Is Narcissistic

There are plenty of people high in narcissism who you can spot right away. The grandiose type of narcissists constantly try to draw attention to themselves, even or especially, at the expense of others. They feel entitled to special treatment and become enraged when they don’t get it. The vulnerable narcissists also need reassurance, but their insecurities are not expressed …


Conservatives and liberals do think differently

Big differences in the ways conservatives and liberals think about solving the nation’s most pressing problems couldn’t be more apparent during this presidential election cycle. But political ideas aside, people who hold conservative versus liberal perspectives appear to differ in everyday thinking processes and problem solving, according to research from Northwestern University and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC). When …


Marc Ash – Eight More Years of Plutocracy

he spoke first and she spoke last, she occupied center-stage throughout the entire ABC Debate Production Show. She was scripted as the star of the show by its producers. She also showed a breathtaking lack of understanding on all key issues. Hillary Clinton spoke often and forcefully on the subject of ISIS and the Iraqi-Syrian Frontier region. She was as …


Leid Stories – 12.18.15

Free Your Mind! Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say!
See who salutes when you run your insightful opinions and ideas up the Leid Stories’ “Free Your Mind Friday” flagpole. It’s the best open forum on the planet—a popular gathering place for the intellectually curious and politically aware. Unfurl your flag (call 888-874-4888). Let’s see your colors come shining through!


Energy Stew – Tobin Blake – 12.18.15

We all know about miracles but maybe we have to help them along. Tobin Blake was called on when his daughter’s boyfriend was given no chance to survive.

He began a journey that brought together all sorts of opportunities to change the outcome and has written an important book about the experience.

His book, “The Healing of Jordan Young, a 21st Century Spiritual Guide to Health and Healing” can give all of us hope. Healing works on all levels of science and consciousness and they need to work together.

Be sure to tune in to learn how you can produce “miracles” for yourself and others.

People who follow their instincts might be more trustworthy

Sarah Ward, psychology doctoral candidate at the University of Missouri, conducted a two-pronged study investigating how people who follow their instincts behave in morally charged situations. Acting on instinct, as an area of psychological research, has seen relatively little study. This is partly due to its nebulous nature and the difficulty of pinning down “gut feelings” in an experimental setting. …