iEat Green – Anne Biklé; Author: The Hidden Half of Nature – 04.19.18

Anne Biklé is a biologist with wide-ranging interests that have led her into watershed restoration, environmental planning, and public health. She co-authored the new book, The Hidden Half of Nature, with her husband , David Montgomery, exploring the parallels between garden health and our gut. She is an invited speaker at universities and national conferences on the connections between public …


Leid Stories—Free Your Mind of the Week’s Assaults on Us All!—08.18.17

Download this episode (right click and save)We’ve been through a gut-wrenching week. We can only hope that things won’t get worse anytime soon; we’re overloaded as it is. It helps to talk things through. It helps to re-situate ourselves in our own power. It helps to find and build community. You can start or continue right here, on Leid Stories’ …


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 03.15.17

A great hour with British child psychiatrist Sami Timimi. We focus mostly on children but since all of us were once children, everything is also relevant to adult life. We examine the hazards of calling “unhappiness” or “despair” by a medical term such as “depression” and then prescribing drugs to children. Ultimately we address being a human being, and what children and adults alike really need–trusting, loving relationships. You will learn and be inspired by listening to Dr. Timimi.


HPV Vaccine Rate At Lowest Participation, Dropping More Than 50 Percent Since The Inception of The Program

Vaccination rates are steadily decreasing worldwide, and as more parents now become informed of one of the most unscientific vaccines in the history of vaccination, the HPV vaccine uptake is now dropping more than 50 percent since its introduction in 2006. Two centuries of UK, USA and Australian official death statisticshave shown conclusively and scientifically that modern medicine is not responsible for …


Ben Norton – Racist Donald Trump Fans Allegedly Beat, Urinated on Sleeping Latino Homeless Man

Two white Boston brothers Scott J. Leader, 38, and Steve M. Leader, 30, were arrested on numerous charges of assault, indecent exposure, and more after allegedly urinating on and then beating a sleeping 58-year-old Latino homeless man because he was Latino. According to the charges, the Boston Globe reports [3], the brothers allegedly urinated on the man, punched him, and …

premature aging

Longevity Doctor: ‘Fountain of Youth’ Medicine Hyped by Big Pharma Might Cause Premature Aging, Death – Martha Rosenberg

Are you a man experiencing decreased sex drive? Are your erections less strong? [3] Is your body fat increasing and your muscle mass decreasing? Are you fatigued and lack energy? Are you sad and grumpy and experiencing less mental clarity? If so, a lot of marketing these days claims you may be suffering from “Low T”—low levels of the testosterone, the male hormone. While a …

old siblings


The difference between living to 90 and living past 105 seems to depend largely on genes, according to a study of siblings. For people who live to 90 years old, the chance of their siblings also reaching age 90 is relatively small—about 1.7 times greater than for the average person born around the same time. But for people who survive …