Leid Stories—Black Panther Movie Breaks Box Office Records and the Hearts of Activists Bemoaning A Strategic Hollywood Coup—02.20.18

It’s already one for the movie record books. The weekend opening of Black Panther in the United States and Canada alone raked in an estimated $235 million, while international ticket sales, not including major markets like China, Japan and Russia, added another $169 million to the film’s debut total. On the one hand, Black Panther’s spectacular box office success validates longstanding arguments that …


Expat Files – 11.08.15

find out certain things that gringos and expats should always be aware of… well before you start interviewing.

-Petty thievery and how it affects us Gringos and Expats.

-More great tips on building your own home in Latin America.

-Discussing Latin lawyers: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Should you worry if your lawyer has signature authority over your S.A. corporations and/or bank accounts?

hillary clinton

Hillary the Hawk – Medea Benjamin

Announcing her latest campaign for the presidency, Hillary Clinton declared she was entering the race to be the champion for “everyday Americans.” As a lawmaker and diplomat, however, Clinton has long championed military campaigns that have killed scores of “everyday” people abroad, from Iraq to Yemen. As commander-in-chief, there’s no reason to believe she’d be any less a hawk than she was …