It’s All About Food – Robert Grillo, Canned Pheasant Hunting – 05.08.18

Part 1: Caryn Hartglass, Costa Rica Travel, Food Myths Caryn discusses her experience with food while traveling all around Costa Rica. She gives a summary of the most popular questions of people interested in healthy diets, as asked in the recent Food Revolution Summit.           Part 2. Robert Grillo, Canned Pheasant Hunting Robert Grillo is President and Director …


Energy Stew – Dr. Jamie Turndorf – 12.04.15

Jamie’s story is remarkable, fascinating and inspiring to learn of the many ways spirit can reconnect with loved ones. You’ll want to read her book, “Love Never Dies” just to assure yourself of the possibilities to stay connected with your loved ones for longer than life on this plane.

Jamie also has a worldwide following on her website and radio show AskDrLove and a more recent radio show, Love Never Dies.


Opinion: Overdiagnosing and making well people sick

Is there such a thing as being too cautious about one’s health? That question is explored today by ECU’s Professor Moira Sims who considers the effectiveness of the tests and subsequent treatments and whether the process will end up being more of a benefit than an unnecessary hindrance. In healthcare it is widely accepted that early diagnosis and treatment makes …


Leid Stories – 11.20.15

Talk It Up, Talk It Out, Talk It Through! It’s ‘Free Your Mind’ Friday!

It’s “Free Your Mind Friday” on Leid Stories. Listeners take charge of the net waves, voicing their views on issues and events of the day or about matters warranting further discussion and debate.

Add your own unique flavor to this full-bodied intellectual soup. Call 888-874-4888 to free your mind!


Parul Verma – War: Your Death Is Their Profit

Ethical deprivation and profitable consumption have been the teachings of any war, as history echoes. The object on which the flavours of this crass ethical deprivation is applied,not only suffers an inevitable loss of subjectivity but a collective sense of his identity. How a common man becomes an object of profitable lust and at the same time, the subject via …