Economic Update – Marxism’s Contribution: Unique Social Analysis – 01.28.18

Updates on New York City’s suit against big oil and dumping $5 billion in fossil fuel investments, fast-rising US consumer debt, further attacks on labor and living standards in Greece, collapse of Carillion Corp exposes failure of privatization in UK, and how CVS’ touch-ups of beauty images expose economics of advertising.  Interview with Prof. Bertell Ollman on Marx’s distinctive contributions …


The Vinyl Experience – 01.26.18

VE 101 PRN Cities Today on the VE: There are so many songs about cities..but a very special subset of those specifically list cities…a whole bunch of em…in each song..I’ll play a cool assortment, from swing to punk, all from the original LPs. I’m PC and this is the VE Talking Heads: Cities Talking Heads from 1979’s Fear Of Music…a …


A Bowl of Soul – 08.25.17

A Bowl of Soul Broadcast – 08-25-2017 You’re What’s Missing In My Life – G.C. Cameron/Remix DJ’S – R&B – 1977/2015 That’s How Love Goes – Jermaine Jackson and The Jackson Five – R&B – 1972 Ain’t Got It Like That – Earl St. Clair – R&B/Funk – 2016 Tender Kisses – Tracie Spencer – R&B – 1991 Gotta Get …



Tracey Jackson, tv and film writer and co-author of NY Times best seller, GRATITUDE AND TRUST: 6 Affirmations That Will Change Your Life joins me for an in-depth conversation about loss, denial and numerous invaluable life lessons. Hear many riveting stories including Tracey’s first meeting with Oscar and Grammy winning song writer Paul Williams that took place in Robert Mitchum’s bedroom. Really! A veteran of traditional therapy — though never an alcohol or drug abuser like her friend Paul…Tracey has struggled with other negative behaviors to numb her pain such as men, cigarettes, and over-spending. Tracey shares stories of debauchery that Paul lived and wrote about in their book like how Paul was rarely able to recollect his dozens of appearances on the Tonight Show since he was so high. Tracey blogs on traceyjacksononline.com, and she runs GratitudeandTrust.com with her dear friend Paul Williams.


Todd Miller – The Booming Business of Border Exclusion

The GuardBot – a rolling, rubber sphere with surveillance cameras attached like small, domed ears – was first meant to explore Mars. Now, it’s showing off its ability to locate undocumented people on the blue carpet at events such as the Border Security Expo, the United States’ premier border policing conference. At the primary debate this month, Republican presidential candidate …