Project Censored – 03.28.17

Nolan, Nicholas and Desiree take a look at the state of Hip-Hop music in 2017. with guests Shaida Akbarian and Grand Skeme.
Later in the program, a roundtable critique of recent topics in corporate media, followed by updates on Project Censored stories with Alicia Huartado.

Shaida Akbarian is a lecturer in Ethnic Studies at California State University, East Bay.
Grand Skeme is a Hip-Hop recording artist based in San Jose.

New Report Links Pesticides Used in Combination Near California Schools to Increased Cancer Risk

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A new report by the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) has shown an increase in cancer risk from fumigant pesticides frequently used in combination near schools. In response to the report’s findings, a coalition of parents, health professionals, teachers, and food advocates has urged state policymakers to create stronger protections for schoolchildren across the state. …