Leid Stories—In the Sacramento Police Killing of Stephon Clark, Justice or Settlement?—04.02.18

Of the 20 shots fired at 22-year-old Stephon Clark by two Sacramento police officers on March 18, eight ripped through his body, almost all of them through his back, a forensic pathologist said at a news conference on Friday, a day after Clark’s funeral. Dr. Bennet Omalu also found that bullets Struck Clarke in the neck and thigh, breaking bones, piercing …


Leid Stories—Stephon Clark’s Death: A Need for New Tactics in Civil-Rights Advocacy, Especially in Police Killings—03.29.18

Funeral services are being held today for Stephon Clark, the 22-year-old father of two shot dead on March 18 by two Sacramento Police Department officers investigating a complaint about broken car windows. Clark was in the back yard of his grandmother’s home, where he and his family also lived, at the time of the shooting. The officers, when they came …


The Natural Nurse And Dr. Z – Never Binge Again Reprogram Yourself to Think Like a Permanently Thin Person™ – 03.27.18

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D. is a veteran psychologist and was the long time CEO of a multi-million dollar consulting firm which has serviced several Fortune 500 clients in the food industry. Disillusioned by what traditional psychology had to offer overweight and/or food obsessed individuals, Dr. Livingston spent several decades researching the nature of bingeing and overeating via work with his own …

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The Working Life Podcast With Jonathan Tasini – IS BETSY DEVOS REALLY THIS DUMB? – 03.22.18

EPISODE 74: IS BETSY DEVOS REALLY THIS DUMB? JET BLUE GONNA GO UNION Betsy Devos has already shown herself to be entirely unqualified to be running the Department of Education. I add on to what we already know with a look at how she is breaking the law by trying to impose rules on workers in the department without bothering …


The Torch – 03.19.18

The nuclear waste dump by the sea is what locals are calling plans to store thousands of tons of radioactive waste from the San Onofre Nuclear generating station near San Diego, California. Torgen Johnson is anactivist who describes the lingering time bomb represented by the waste disposal plan and the problems facing more than 100 commercial reactors in the United …


A Just Cause Radio – Wrongful Convictions Epidemic in America – 03.18.18

The host Cliff Stewart, Lisa Stewart and Lamont Banks our AJC Radio Hosts continue discussing and giving their insight concerning our Special Guests Civil & Criminal Forensics Investigator, Paul J. Ciolino, and Lorraine Brooks, whose son is Jesse Brooks. Jesse was charged in 2009, as a co-conspirator with his father Jay and three other men to commit murder in the 2005 death of Jack Reid. Download …


Expat Files – 03.11.18

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #741- SUN, MAR 11- (03-11-2018): #1- 5 solid reasons why I don’t much recommend Nicaragua anymore as an outstanding “Plan B” for gringos and expats. Here’s why…   #2- Today we discuss why so many gringos and expats come down intending to de-stress and uncomplicate their lives then they jump right back on another kind of …


Connect The Dots – Toxic Threats to Children – 03.07.18

Toxic Threats to Children: Listen to pioneering scientific researcher, Philip Landrigan, MD,  author of the new book Children & Environmental Toxins in conversation with Alison Rose Levy. Show is live at: https://prn.fm and can be heard later in the Connect the Dots archives on the Progressive Radio Network. Download this episode (right click and save)


Heart of Mind Radio – 02.24.18

On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio, host Kathryn Davis speaks with Joan and Ann Watts, the daughters of Alan Watts, about their new book “The Collected Letters of Alan Watts.” In segment two Kathryn shares an excerpt from an Alan Watts talk called: “Man is a Hoax” from the Pacifica Radio Archives.   Download this episode (right click and save) Guests: Joan Watts grew up in the …


iEat Green – Bren Smith- GreenWave and Thimble Island Ocean Farm, – 02.22.18

Bren Smith is the Executive Director of GreenWave , an ocean farmer and fisherman-run organization, dedicated to supporting a new generation of ocean farmers and innovators who are working to restore ecosystems, mitigate climate change, and build a blue-green economy. He is also the owner of Thimble Island Ocean Farm, where he pioneered the development of restorative 3-D Ocean Farming. …