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Energy Stew – Carl Calleman – 07.15.16

The Quantum Evolution of Consciousness – Energy Stew interview with Carl Calleman

How are our minds being transformed by evolution? Are we ready for the quantum shifts that need to happen in order to save our civilization? Our society is imploding because humanity doesn’t yet know how to really solve our problems. The Mayans knew this was going to be the reality of these times and predicted the new era we’ve entered into.

Carl Calleman is an expert about the Mayan Calendar and has deciphered the way the Mayans have described the evolution of our civilization. We have entered a period of “night” that we’ll be in for the next 360 or more years. The “day” we have just completed has brought us to the end of an epoch that couldn’t sustain itself. He explains what this all means in his wonderful book, “The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization”. Listen to this interview with him and you’ll understand how we couldn’t help it.