Infectious Myth – Nutrition, Health, South Korea and…Kimchi – 09.06.16

David Crowe talks with Alison Tomlison and Raymund Ban about nutrition, while he is in South Korea. Alison dealt with her own severe health problems, which she resolved by determining that she was seriously gluten intolerant, and needed supplementation to reclaim her health. Raymund is one of the leaders of the only alternative AIDS organization in the country, and has come to believe that the HIV-positive people whose health declines are nutritionallly challenged, probably also gluten intolerant. Two podcasts that are mentioned are Episode 108 because it deals with nutritional supplements initially designed for animals, and episode 47, the discussion with Terry Wahls (MD) who recovered from severe MS through a radical change in her diet.


Dr. Michael Murray – The Importance Of Being “Awe Inspired”

Our emotional state has great influence over the degree of inflammation we may suffer from.  Feeling “awe inspired” has been found to be the most powerful emotion in fighting inflammation. Introduction: The field of positive psychology is providing valuable insights on exactly how our emotions influence our physiology. One are of body function that is very closely tied to our …


JEFFREY ST. CLAIR – Diamond Dogs: Clinton Family Jewels

In southwestern Arkansas, deep in the humid foothills of the Ouachita Mountains, you’ll find one of the oddest little state parks in the country. On first glance the park seems to be little more than a plowed field edged by scraggly forest, featuring a big public swimming pool and a hulking barn-like structure sheathed in rusty tin siding. You’d likely …


Are We Medicating the True Selves of Boys? – Marilyn Wedge Ph.D.

“I have a great class this year,” said my friend, a long time third grade teacher in a suburban elementary school. “I have 19 girls and only eight boys!” I wasn’t surprised to hear her candid statement. Girls are quieter, less fidgety, and certainly less mischievious than boys. They have fewer behavior issues in the classroom and are therefore easier to …