The Gary Null Show – 04.20.16

On “The Gary Null Show” today, Gary discussed these topics and had on special guest, Joseph Mangano. Click on the links to learn more about what Gary discussed and expand your brain.
Fast food may expose consumers to harmful chemicals called phthalates

Transfer of gut bacteria affects brain function, nerve fiber insulation

Can positive memories help treat mental health problems?

Fatty diets lead to daytime sleepiness, poor sleep

Sugar cravings can be treated — because sugar addiction is like any other drug addiction

Mushroom nutrition benefits: cancer fighters and cell renewers

Gary takes a quick music break and plays this great song: Jerry Butler – Only The Strong Survive

Obama went from condemning Saudis for abuses to arming them to the teeth

Saudi blockade threatens famine in Yemen

Tomgram: Engelhardt, Roads to nowhere, ghost soldiers, and a $43 million gas station in Afghanistan

Gary introduces his guest, Joseph Mangano. Here is his bio and some links to learn more about him and his organzation:

Joseph Mangano is the Executive Director of the Radiation and Public Health Project – a nonprofit organization founded by scientists and physicians to understand the relationships between low level nuclear radiation and public health and the risks of diseases such as cancer and damage to newborns. Joe has published numerous articles and letters in medical and other journals in addition to books, including Low Level Radiation and Immune System Disorders: An Atomic Era Legacy. There he examines the connection between radiation exposure and current widespread health problems. His website is

Gary added these facts about Fukushima while taking with Joseph Mangano: The Slow Bleed: Fukushima Five Years On

Lastly this video to end the show: Antidepressants found to be no more effective than a placebo pill


Infectious Myth – Dirty Electricity with Sam Milham – 03.08.16

In Episode 92 David discusses the theory of Sam Milham that it is electricity, not chemicals, that is the cause of the so-called “Diseases of civilization”, such as diabetes, heart disease and degenerative neurological conditions like MS and ALS. It is certainly true that electricity has expanded as these diseases have grown, but David wants to know why chemicals in our food, air, water, medicines and so on, aren’t a more plausible cause.