Love Lust And Laughter – 11.03.15

Lou Paget, a frequent guest, is the author of five books – www.LouPaget.com – which deliver information about sexuality and relationships with accuracy and fun! Dr. Diana and Lou reconnected recently in Seattle for a Program in Human Sexuality (PHS) where the University of Minnesota has established the first Chairs in Sexual Health headed up by Dr. Eli Coleman (www.sexualhealth.umn.edu). The meeting was organized by Dr. Pepper Schwartz, the AARP Ambassador for Relationships and Sexuality. Joycelyn Elders, MD, was the featured speaker. (She is an inspiration! Remember when she was hired and later fired by President Bill Clinton?) Lou and Dr. Diana also discussed aging and sexuality – and the health benefits of sex. There will be a Part 2 very soon!

Why Are China’s Rich So Eager to Exit?

China’s rubber-stamp parliament, the National People’s Congress, opened its one and only 2015 session in Beijing on March 5. The Congress – the NPC – meets for just 10 days a year and, in that short window of time, is supposed to set China’s policy direction for the next 12 months. In theory, the NPC has much greater power than the U.S. Congress, including …