Tyler Cherry – Fact Checkers Call Out Donald Trump’s Year Of “Campaign Misstatements” And Lies

Fact Checkers Excoriate Trump’s “Many Campaign Misstatements” PolitiFact: All Of Trump’s “Campaign Misstatements” Win “2015 Lie Of The Year” Because “It Was Hard To Single One [Lie] Out From The Others.” PolitiFact awarded its annual Lie of the Year award to Donald Trump’s “many campaign misstatements,” because “it was hard to single one out from the others.” Politifactnoted that 76 percent of the statements …


The Gary Null Show – 12.16.15

Dr. Christine Horner is a nationally recognized surgeon, complementary physician, author and a vocal advocate for natural approaches to women’s health. She was instrumental in the passing of a national bill signed by President Clinton that required insurance companies to pay for breast reconstruction following mastectomy. She writes columns for the Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine and Wellbella, and her writings are featured in dozens of women’s magazines. She has received numerous awards for her work in promoting alternative medical approaches to health. Her groundbreaking book on natural approaches to preventing and treating breast cancer through diet, lifestyle, herbs and supplements is “Waking the Warrior Goddess: Program to Protect Against and Fight Breast Cancer,” which received the Independent Publisher Best Book Award of the Year for Health, Medicine and Nutrition. Her website is DrChristineHorner. com


Black Agenda Radio – 10.19.15

Welcome, to the radio magazine that brings you news, commentary and analysis from a Black Left perspective.

– A broad coalition of activist organizations is gearing up for three days of Rise Up October protests against police lawlessness, in New York City, this weekend. Organizers plan to bring in 100 family members of victims of police violence from around the country. Newark, New Jersey’s People’s Organization for Progress is part of the Rise Up October campaign. Chairman Larry Hamm says POP has been fighting police brutality in northern New Jersey for 35 years. POP sent several busloads to Washington, DC for the recent anniversary of the Million Man March.

– Cynthia McKinney, the former six-term congresswoman from Georgia and 2008 presidential candidate on the Green Party ticket, recently earned her PhD in Leadership and Change from Antioch University. For her dissertation, McKinney explored the challenges faced by the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. She’s now exploring ways to deploy more “non-traditional” Black candidates for Congress. But, that’s easier said than done.

– Mustapha Hefny was born in Egypt and immigrated to the United States more than three decades ago. The U.S. government granted him citizenship, but it refuses to acknowledge that he’s a Black man. Mr. Hefny is a Nubian, an ancient, unmistakably Black people who were part of the Egyptian Empire, sometimes ruling as Pharoahs. Nubians have always lived in what is now southern Egypt and northern Sudan. But the United States classifies Nubian immigrants from southern Egypt as white, and Nubians from northern Sudan as Black, under Directive 15 of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget. So, for almost 30 years, Mostapha Hefny has been demanding that United States recognize him as a Black man.

– Dr. Gerald Horne, the professor of History and African American Studies at the University of Houston, has written yet another book. Horne is one of the most prolific and influential Black political thinkers of our time. His most recent work is titled “Race to Revolution: The U.S. and Cuba During the Slavery and Jim Crow.” His new book, on the Haitian Revolution, should be out this week. And after that, Dr. Horne plans on turning out books on Paul Robeson and Black majority rule in South Africa. He was recently interviewed on WFHB Community Radio, in Bloomington, Indiana.


The Mark Riley Show – 08.05.15

In year since searing death, Ferguson sees uneven change. Yes, there has been change, but how substantial has it been? Did it take the death of Michael Brown to bring about that change?

Another exoneration in Brooklyn brings total since last year to 14. DA Ken Thompson deserves the credit for this, but it also begs the question, what was the Das office doing before he got there?

In Congress, Obama begins campaign for Iran nuclear deal. His efforts are both public and private. However, when people talk about a better deal, just how do they think they’ll get it? Back out of this one, do they really think the Iranians will come back to the table?

The Voting Rights Act at 50. Back in the day, when people would warn against the erosion of the Act, I was one of those who thought they were overreacting. I was wrong. The attacks on the Voting Rights Act teaches us we must remain vigilant, lest someone try and take what was won at a terrible price.

John Kasich is in, Rick Perry is out in first Republican debate. The whole concept of upper and lower tiers is anti democratic on its face. And to use polling??? Nothing more than a means to generate money.

A belated look at New York’s cooling towers, prime suspect in Legionnaires outbreak. No matter what the suspect, the City should have been quicker to act and inspect the towers, if that’s where they suspect it comes from.

Synthetic marijuana gives people abnormal strength, makes them dangerous: NYPD. Leaving aside the similarities to the reefer scare of the early 20th century, this K2 looks like a problem. The place to stop it is at the point of sale, pure and simple.

Bar owner eliminated tips, raised prices and started paying everyone $15 dollars an hour. This was in Portland, Oregon where the cost of living is very high. Do you think it’s a good idea? He did it immediately, not in increments like politicians do.

The restrictions journalists agreed to in order to attend the Koch brothers’ conference. You don’t really want to ask why they agreed, do you?

Jeb!: “I’m not sure we need a half billion dollars for women’s health issues. He’s moonwalking backward, but this one’s going to hurt him.

Horrific bad factory farmers can’t put you in jail for exposing them no more. No more AG-Gag? Time to celebrate!


Patrick Martin – The oligarchs’ election

Reports filed earlier this month with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) confirm that the US political system is completely dominated by the super-rich. The figures are so staggering, and so at odds with the conventional claims that the United States is a democracy, that even the corporate-controlled media has been compelled to take notice. Below are some representative headlines that …


John Soltes – Tick Populations Booming

As climates change, ticks spread farther north, harming dogs and humans A few weeks ago, on a pleasantly cool day, this reporter and his dog, an Alaskan malamute named Bear, headed for a small set of trails in an area of woods not far from the New York-New Jersey border. With bicyclists plying their way on the shoulder of a …

Clinton Challenged to Break Up—and Break Up With—Wall Street Banks – Lauren McCauley

Faced with the possibility of yet another Wall Street crony taking over the Oval Office next year, progressive lawmakers are directly challenging Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton to break up—and break up with—the big banks. Speaking at an annual meeting for progressive organizers and advocacy groups on Friday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) called on presidential hopefuls to support recently introduced legislation that would stem …

hillary clinton

Hillary finally crafts defense of her poor tenure at State Department – Niall Stanage

Hillary Clinton has started to formulate a strategy on one of the thorniest issues she will face on the campaign trail: her tenure as President Obama’s secretary of State. Republicans have ripped Clinton’s reign as the country’s top diplomat, and the 2016 Democratic presidential front-runner hasn’t yet responded directly to those salvos. “I’ve stood up to adversaries like [Russia President …


Why the TPP Is a Terrible Deal for Most Americans – Rep. John Conyers

Earlier this year, former Florida governor Jeb Bush travelled to my hometown of Detroit to explain his political philosophy. In a speech before local business leaders, Bush argued that the aim of government should be to promote “economic growth above all.” “If a law or a rule doesn’t contribute to growth,” he asked, “why do it?” If a law subtracts …


A Magical Mystery Tour of American Austerity Politics By Laura Gottesdiener

Something is rotten in the state of Michigan. One city neglected to inform its residents that its water supply was laced with cancerous chemicals. Another dissolved its public school district and replaced it with a charter school system, only to witness the for-profit management company it hired flee the scene after determining it couldn’t turn a profit. Numerous cities and …