Heart of Mind Radio – 04.28.18

On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio, host Kathryn Davis talks with Elaine Hall, a thought leader in the field of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), “the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotion, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others and establish and maintain positive relationships. Elaine …


Ask The Blood Detective – Toe-tagged Before Your Time will blow your mind! – 03.31.18

Toe-tagged Before Your Time will blow your mind! Dr. Wald exposes obvious and hidden risks that each of us faces from the moment we wake up each day until the moment we go to bed. “It’s miracle that more of us are not dead”, but it’s not a surprise that most of us are sick.”. Join Dr. Wald for this …


It’s All About Food – Caryn Hartglass, Patience, Digestive Issues – 03.14.18

Caryn Hartglass, Patience and Digestive Issues In this episode Caryn talks about the importance of having patience when working to improve one’s diet, especially when dealing with digestive issues. She also reviews the recent Women Chefs Rule: The Vegan Edition at the James Beard House in NYC.           Download this episode (right click and save)


The Gary Null Show – 02.12.18

Making sense of the recent developments and renewed aggression in the Middle East Prof. Juan Cole  is the Richard Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan where he has taught since 1984. Within the progressive political and religious community he is regarded as one of our leading public intellectuals and historians on Middle East and South Asian …


Energy Stew – The Human Design predictions for 2018 – 01.26.18

Download this episode (right click and save) Every new year, ReGina Concotelli and I analyze the Human Design chart that tells us what the year will be like. We have to wait for a specific day and time that the chart clicks in and this year, it was on January 22nd at 2:19 AM. From this moment in time, it …


iEat Green – Maryn Mckenna, Journalist, Award-winning Author – 01.25.18

Maryn McKenna is an independent journalist and author who specializes in public health, global health and food policy. She is a Senior Fellow at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University and the  author of the new book Big Chicken: The Incredible Story of How Antibiotics Created Modern Agriculture and Changed the Way the World Eats (2017), named a Best Science …


Leid Stories—Trump’s Big Con; Minding Our Own Business—12.21.17

Knowing the president’s penchant for lying and gratuitous overstatements about his business acumen and success (which is also lying), we should be very skeptical about his “Christmas gift” of a $1.5-trillion budget that will cause a rising tide of prosperity that will lift all boats. The rosy picture he paints doesn’t square with reality. Rather, it’s another of his tall …