Leid Stories—Busted! Leaked Docs Show Clinton Foundation Confessing to Fraud; Post-Hurricane Matthew, Haitians Suspicious About What Comes with ‘Aid’—10.19.16

Charles Ortel, the acknowledged expert on the shady operations and financial dealings of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation and its multiple offshoots, discusses documents released yesterday by WikiLeaks that appear to confirm that Clinton Foundation executives, including the Clintons, were well aware they were committing fraud.


Leid Stories—WikiLeaks Docs Confirm Clinton Foundation Crimes—10.17.16

Charles Ortel, former Wall Street financial analyst and leading expert on the Clinton Foundation—which he calls “the largest unprosecuted charity fraud in U.S. history”—has been reporting on the Clinton Foundation’s epic law-breaking as it amassed billions of dollars from high-powered “donors” all over the world looking for favors from the Clintons.


The Gary Null Show – 02.17.16

Roger Stone is a renowned political consultant, lobbyist, GOP campaign strategist and author who has worked intimately as a senior staffer on eight national election campaigns including Presidents Nixon, Reagan and George Bush Senior. He was the keeper of the Nixon’s flame during Nixon’s post presidential years, serving as Nixon’s man in Washington. He has worked on many election campaigns and was instrumental in the bringing down of Elliott Spitzer’s governership. Roger has since left the GOP and is aligned with the Libertarian Party. He publishes articles for the Huffington Post, the Daily Caller, his site StoneZone.com and has been profiled in numerous television programs, newspapers and magazines. His previous books have focused on the JFK assassination and the Clinton family, and his most recent book is “Jeb and the Bush Crime Family: The Inside Story of an American Dynasty” which gives a long historical look at family corruption from great grandfather Samuel Bush to George Jr and Jeb Bush today.