Love Lust And Laughter – 03.07.17

Have you heard? More than just a feeling, LOVE is action. Two men taking action are Dr. Mitchell Tepper (www.DrMitchellTepper.com) and Dr. Mark Schoen (www.SexSmartFilms.com). Their labor of love is a collaborative documentary “Making Love after Making War” – a work still in progress. To help with the effort, please go to www.LoveAfterWar.org to sign up for the newsletter and to consider donating. Our vets are heroes, sometimes returning with catastrophic injuries resulting in PTSD, and intimacy/sexual problems – issues that are often ignored. Sadly, the suicide rate is huge. Our vets need counseling, they need more information. EmotionaI, sexual intimacy, and conceiving a child are often difficulties facing couples after war. We need to team up to help our injured vets rediscover life filled with passion, purpose, and pleasure!


Walden Bellow – From the Battle of Seattle to the Financial Crisis

I had many lessons from the Battle of Seattle, and one of them was that policewomen can deal it out as good as any policeman. I got beaten up, badly, by one of Seattle’s best.  Yesterday, I decided go down memory lane and visit the scene of the crime.  I remember seeing Medea Benjamin of Code Pink being treated fairly …


Project Censored – 06.21.16

This week’s Project Censored features a recent speech by long-time peace organizer Medea Benjamin. She examines recent successes and setbacks for the antiwar movement, and discusses her current campaigns. Medea Benjamin is cofounder of the womens’ peace group Code Pink and the fair trade organization Global Exchange. She spoke at Sonoma State University on March 25, 2016, as part of the student-organized Social Justice Week.


Naomi Klein -The Problem With Hillary Clinton Isn’t Just Her Corporate Cash. It’s Her Corporate Worldview.

There aren’t a lot of certainties left in the US presidential race, but here’s one thing about which we can be absolutely sure: The Clinton camp reallydoesn’t like talking about fossil-fuel money. Last week, when a young Greenpeace campaigner challenged Hillary Clinton about taking money from fossil-fuel companies, the candidate accused the Bernie Sanders campaign of “lying” and declared herself “so …


Project Censored – 03.22.16

Contrary to the stereotype of apolitical Millenials, students at Sonoma State University in Northern California have organized a Social Justice Week, addressing issues from US foreign policy to local police-brutality cases. Today’s guests are student organizers or guests taking part in Social Justice Week. Also included is a preview of next week’s program, when the guest will be Medea Benjamin of Code Pink.


Infectious Myth – Medea Benjamin on Peace and the Cycle of Violence – 12.01.15

In Episode 81 David talks with Medea Benjamin, founder of Code Pink, and a well-known peace and anti-war activist, about the violence that infects the world today. Starting with the recent spate of violent incidents in Paris, Beirut, Mali, Colorado Springs and elsewhere, David and Medea discuss the financial motivations for war, the blowback and unintended consequences that occur, how destruction of governments, as in Iraq and Libya, helps produce organizations like ISIS. They discuss the fear of many Americans about the possibility that a jihadist could be hiding amongst refugees, while tolerating 30,000 gun deaths a year. How fear is manipulated to get taxpayers to support more funding for more wars, avoiding the discussion of how wars created the incidents that produced the fear in the first place. How fear is used to justify more widespread communications monitoring and censorship, and bigger budgets for intelligence agencies that continue to be unable to stop these attacks (often claiming insufficient budge). The jihadists benefit from our fear, and from attacks on Islamic countries that kill civilians, such as the recent Russian bombing of a busy market, bombings of wedding parties, and the recent US and Saudi bombings of hospitals.
For more reading on this subject, and some of the sources David used, see http://theinfectiousmyth.com/PRN-TIM/81.html
You can find out more about Medea Benjamin’s work with Code Pink at: http://www.codepink.org


Tom Carter – A blueprint for total war and military dictatorship

The new US Department of Defense Law of War Manual is essentially a guidebook for violating international and domestic law and committing war crimes. The 1,165-page document, dated June 2015 and recently made available online, is not a statement of existing law as much as a compendium of what the Pentagon wishes the law to be. According to the manual, …


Project Censored – 08.18.15

This week’s program offers two perspectives on global capitalism and permanent war. Sociologist William Robinson makes the case that the present state of capitalism may be a “systemic crisis,” something not seen in centuries. Then peace advocate Kathy Kelly relates her experiences from Afghanistan to US prisons, and refutes the notion of”humanitarian war.”
William Robinson teaches Sociology at UC Santa Barbara. Kathy Kelly is the founder of Voices for Creative Nonviolence.