The New York City Protest of the American Psychiatric Association will take place on Sunday, May 6th.

#ProtestAPA2018 SAVE THE DATE The New York City Protest of the American Psychiatric Association will take place on Sunday, May 6th. May 6, 2018 Join the #ProtestAPA2018 Facebook Group Get Involved! Solidarity Events are being held around the world. Next Planning Teleconference April 7 at 4pm EST.  Join the Facebook Group for details. facebook.com/groups/protestAPA2018 Become an Organizational Sponsor or Individual Endorser! Click to edit …


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 08.31.16

My guest scientist Thomas J. Moore, who tells greatly informatives stories,  does peerless epidemiological research and education in the field of adverse drug effects.  His science combined with anecdotes makes this a very important hour.  Tom confronts the discrepancy between real neuroscience and drug-company inspired research.  They are light years apart.  Subjects include the smoking cessation drug Chantix and other medications that …


What Women Must Know – The Grain-Pain Connection with Dr. Peter Osborne – 08.04.16

Dr. Peter Osborne is the clinical director of Origins HealthCare in Sugar Land, TX. He is a Doctor of Pastoral Science, Board Certified in Chiropractic Medicine and a Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition. In practice since 2001, Dr. Osborne’s clinical focus is the holistic natural treatment of chronic degenerative diseases, with a primary focus on gluten sensitivity and food allergies. He founded Gluten Free Society in 2010 to help educate patients and physicians on the far reaching effects of gluten sensitivity. He is the author of Glutenology, a series of digital videos and ebooks designed to help educate the world about gluten.


Data scientists find connections between birth month and health – Dr. Nick Tatonetti

Columbia University scientists have developed a computational method to investigate the relationship between birth month and disease risk. The researchers used this algorithm to examine New York City medical databases and found 55 diseases that correlated with the season of birth. Overall, the study indicated people born in May had the lowest disease risk, and those born in October the …