To everyone calling Kim Kardashian a bad role model, ​you’re not exactly Gandhi yourself

Yes, down with Kim! This was certainly the consensus among the commentariat, and by commentariat I mean specifically rightwing female columnists with terrifying byline photos. Now, as all readers of this column surely appreciate, anything that is written next to a terrifying photo byline of a female columnist is, by nature, the word of God. So it somewhat flummoxes me …


Focus on the Facts – 02.29.16

Investigative journalist and columnist, Wayne Madsen, discussed the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and the unusual circumstances, including no investigation of the death, which took place at a hunting party at a Bohemian Grove ranch with Satanist decorations. Government officials in the Illuminati and their practice of sexual abuse, pedophilia, and the murder of infants was also discussed.