Progressive Commentary Hour – 02.14.17

Gary chats with PRN host Beatty Cohan on the top of LOVE, They duo go over the topics of Why are relationships so challenging? A Valentine’s day look at the state of love in the world, and in American culture in particular. How is the lack of love contributing to our culture of fear, resentment and hate, intolerance and social divisions? And how does the our culture climate politicize relationships and stifle social empathy, kindness and compassion.Our guest is Beatty Cohan — a psychotherapist for 35 years and a nationally recognized expert in marriage and relationship therapy and sexual dysfunction counseling. Her work also includes treating early child abuse, sexual assault and substance abuse. Beatty has been a columnist, a public speaker having given hundreds of presentations to national organizations, colleges and universities, a radio talk host, and a resident psychotherapeutic expert for major television networks.


Deirdre Fulton – Trump Empire Contains ‘Most Blatant Conflicts of Interest in History’

President-elect Donald Trump’s business dealings could represent “the most blatant conflicts of interest in the history of American politics,” the president of Public Citizen saidon Thursday, as more than a dozen groups called on Trump to sever ties with his “corporate empire.” A Trump attorney said last week that the real estate mogul plans to place his business holdings into …

Happy face

The secret of happiness? Stop feeling bad about being unhappy – Tim Lott

I am going to come out of the closet,¬†and make a shocking, even¬†shameful, admission. I am not a happy person. In fact I am the sort of chap who complete strangers come up to in the street and advise to cheer up, since it might never happen. I am not, I should emphasise, an unhappy person either. I love to …