The Personal Computer Radio Show – 02.14.18

Personal Computer Show Wednesday, February 14th 2018 Broadcast PRN.fm on the INTERNET 6:00 PM ET IN THE NEWS 911 fees paid by phone customers “stolen” by states to fill budget gaps We’re a Lot Closer to 5G Deployment than You Realize| What are the differences between Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365? Shipping Scam From China — What Is ‘Brushing’? …


Visionaries – 01.22.17

“TV Shows, Movies and Philosophical Zombies.” Today Lobell was supposed to continue with his book recommendations, but he got distracted by artificial intelligence, TV shows, and philosophical zombies. He discusses the new TV series, “Counterpart” about parallel universe intelligence agencies, and also creatures with no inner life. Download this episode (right click and save)

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The Working Life Podcast With Jonathan Tasini – UBER & LYFT ARE BAD, BAD COMPANIES; BIG UNION WIN AT THE LATIMES! – 01.25.18

Yeah, I get it: you like Uber and Lyft because it’s the “new thing” in the app-centered corporate world. But, know this: Uber and Lyft are very bad corporate actors, stomping around the country, using right-wing, anti-consumer, anti-union tactics, to trash fundamental rights in every state—as I learn from Rebecca Smith, co-author of an incredible study about the nefarious tactics …


The Personal Computer Radio Show – 01.10.18

Personal Computer Show Wednesday, January 10th 2018 Broadcast PRN.fm on the INTERNET 6:00 PM ET   HEADLINE NEWS HP recalls 50,000 Battteries Intel CPU Design Flaws [In a Nutshell]  Apple iPhone Battery   FEATURE SEGMENTS Wearable and Health Technologies – Dr A;fred Poor Report Coverage of CES 2018 in Los Vegas   Home Automation – Marty Winston New Year Update of  the …


Noah Smith – Milton Friedman’s Cherished Theory Is Laid to Rest

When you’re wrong, you’re wrong, no matter how famous and respected you might be as a scientist. Albert Einstein was wrong about quantum mechanics. Linus Pauling was wrong about the structure of DNA. And Milton Friedman was wrong about the permanent income hypothesis. But unlike with the first two examples, where scientists quickly realized the mistake, economists haven’t yet come …