Let’s Create A Better World – 12.12.15

Dr. David Serio talks about the importance of sleep and nutrition. Discussion includes how to improve sleep through better lifestyle and dietary habits. Paying close attention to who we surround our self with in life and the overall energy we put out on a daily basis.

Lisa Levinson discusses in defense of animals, what we can do to better our world for helping prevent mistreatment of animals and how animals give back to us by being a part of our life. Lisa also discusses vegan spirituality, leading a better spiritual life, better eating habits and gives us great manifestations to live by every day.


Energy Stew – Deeper understandings of evolution – 09.18.15

My guest for the second week in a row is Steve McIntosh, an important evolutionary writer whose new book, “The Presence of the Infinite”, offers new insights to bring more people on board in the quest for Beauty, Truth and Goodness.

He believes we’re all following spiritual paths, even those who don’t believe in spirit. Also science now understands there are deeper realities we need to respect. A greater societal recognition of deeper realities can help us feel more responsible to seek more universal solutions.