What Women Must Know – How to Read a Blood Test for a Longer, Healthier Life with James LaValle – 02.04.16

James LaValle, R.Ph., C.C.N. is a nationally recognized clinical pharmacist, board certified clinical nutritionist, author, educator, industry consultant and clinical practitioner/pioneer in the field of natural therapeutics.

He is one of the nation’s top influencers in legitimizing integrative medicine, and was named one of the “50 Most Influential Pharmacists” by American Druggist magazine as well as 2011 Clinician of the Year by the Natural Products Association.

LaValle is also the author of more than 20 books and eBooks including, is most recently released publication, Your Blood Never Lies, as well as his best seller, Cracking the Metabolic Code.

LaValle was appointed Metabolic Medicine Institute (MMI) Committee Chairperson in 2014. He is also affiliated with George Washington University as the course director in systems biology and clinical lecturer.



Heart of Mind Radio – 01.07.16

In the first segment Kathryn Davis will offer an invitation to her series of events which start Wednesday, January 20th and continue the third Wednesday of the month till June.

In segment two: Kathryn speaks to David Young about his music for transformation and opportunity for rare Free live streaming of his concerts during January. (Link to registration below)

David Young is a twice Grammy Nominated Musician who plays two Renaissance flutes at one time in harmony. His music has been called “The Most Heavenly Music on Earth,” and is used in over 10,000 wellness centers with all kinds of healers and practitioners. He has recorded 57 albums and sold over 1,000,000 copies. He is a also a healer, channel, author, and artist. It is said that more people have had out of body experiences while listening to his music than other musician alive today.


A Just Cause – AJC Remembering 9/11 – 10.25.15

The host Cliff Stewart, Lisa Stewart and Lamont Banks talks about the tragedy of terrorism to the United State of America. “Remembering 9/11 – Never Forget”


ISIS Fighters Deserting After Russia Nails Them With 60 Sorties in 72 Hours

One question that’s been asked repeatedly over the past thirteen months is why Washington has been unable to achieve the Pentagon’s stated goal of “degrading and defeating” ISIS despite the fact that the “battle” pits the most advanced air force on the planet against what amounts to a ragtag band of militants running around the desert in basketball shoes. Those of …


Stanley Heller – It’s Time to Break With Saudi Arabia’s ‘Kingdom of Horrors’

Saudi King Salman decided that a 10-vehicle motorcade in Washington, D.C., was too small for his needs, so his people rented 400 black Mercedes S-class automobiles to make it bigger. There was no place to put them all, so the White House housed them at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland until they were needed. Wall Street Journal correspondent Carol Lee …


A Bowl of Soul – 08.21.15

Boot Leg – Booker T & MG’s – R&B – 1965
Spreadin’ Honey – The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band – Funk/R&B – 1967
Chi Town Theme – Cleveland Eaton – Funk/R&B – 1975
It’s All Your Fault – The Supremes – (Mosotogam – Extended Remix) R&B – 2015
Trying to Survive – Harvey Scales – R&B – 1969
Running Away – Roy Ayers – Funk/R&B – 1977
Smooth 90’s Hip Hop Instrumental – One Tone – Hip Hop/R&B – 2013
Stop On By – SounDoctrine Feat. Eric Tyus – Funk/Jazz – 2015
Not So Fast – Jonathan Hoard – R&B – 2015
K Jee – The Nite-Liters – Funk/Jazz – 1971
Changin’ – Brass Construction – Funk/R&B – 1975


Paul Craig Roberts – Incongruities in the News

Jonathan Pollard, a paid spy for Israel described by Michael D. Shear as “one of the country’s most notorious spies,” has been pardoned from his life sentence. It strikes me as hypocritical for the US government to sentence anyone to prison for spying when the government itself spies on everyone everywhere. All Americans including members of the House and Senate, …


Ralph Nader – Sending Citizens Summons to Members of Congress

It is time, during this August recess, for “We the People” to shake up the Congress and shake up the politics across the land. With the long congressional recess in August through Labor Day approaching, “We the People” have the opportunity to do more than complain about the Congress and individual Senators and Representatives. There are many issues affecting you …

Hillary’s Emails: Missing the Story

The Congressional harrying of former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over emails concerning the 2012 death of an American Ambassador and three staff members in Benghazi, Libya, has become a sort of running joke, with Republicans claiming “cover-up” and Democrats dismissing the whole matter as nothing more than election year politics. But there is indeed a story embedded in …

Maternal death rates

U.S. Rates Worse for Maternal Health

According to a new report conducted by the State of the World Mother’s, the United States ranks 33 out of 179 countries surveyed for maternal health. [1] Just last year, the U.S. was at 31. How can a country so developed be drastically behind other countries in taking care of mothers and their newborns? Could it be the medical establishment in the …