The Natural Nurse and Dr. Z – Homeopathy- healing the poor safely and effectively – 12.20.16

Dr. Eugene Zamperion, ND, AHG, interviews Dr. Carina Lopez, ND. Dr. Lopez is a bilingual Spanish/English naturopathic doctor, homeopath, licensed acupuncturist, master herbalist and biosyntonist. Using a supportive environment, Dr. Lopez assists with a spectrum of issues using the body’s own healing potential and natural, safe, effective treatments.


Study: Goats Fed GM Soy Have Altered DNA, Milk, and Offspring

First, the herbicide chemical glyphosate was found in breast milk of mothers around the country. Now, there is a new study showing that the DNA in goats fed transgenic, GM soy feed is altered, and the milk itself is of lower quality, affecting the offspring. Kid goats were studied both in vivo and post mortem, and what the researchers of this study …

Public school violates First Amendment by firing vegan teacher over private Facebook post – J. D. Heyes

A second-grade teacher in Smithville, Ohio, was fired from his job in December because he wrote on his Facebook page that he was against dairy farming. According to local affiliate Fox8, Keith Allison is a vegan and animal rights advocate who often openly posts his views regarding those issues to his Facebook page. In August, Allison took pictures of a local …

dairy farm

Choosing Life – Chris Hedges

The affable, soft-spoken dairy farmer stood outside his 70-stall milking barn on his 230-acre family farm. When his father started farming there in 1950 were about 800 dairy farms in New York state’s Orange County. Only 39 survive. Small, traditional farms have been driven out of business by rising real estate prices, genetic manipulation of cows, industrial-scale hormone use that …


Organic dairy farming struggles to keep up with demand

Mark Wickenhauser stood in the doorway of his weathered 1910 barn and viewed the dark soil that will soon sprout a pasture rich with alfalfa and other grasses. He has worked all his life at the family dairy farm near Cologne in Carver County but switched from conventional to organic farming in 2005. “It wasn’t the popular thing to do, …